You Would Know

Abby Smith is a shy and kind-hearted 18 year old girl that lives in London, England. Although she doesn't show it, she is hiding very many emotions and feelings. Will she let her emotions out when she runs into national superstar and One Direction band member, Harry Styless and goes through Hell and back, just to be with him?


15. Yes.

Abby's P.O.V.

I can't believe it. I'm pregnant. I'm going to have a baby. And the father is some dude I don't even know. Oh, how I despised that sick bastard. But for some reason, I feel like this was a wake up call or this was supposed to happen, for mine and Harry's sake. I'm actually kind of excited. I've always wanted to have kids, I just didn't imagine it happening like this. We walked back slowly to the room, fingers intertwined.
"Guys, we have some good but also bad news." Harry said.
"Bad news first!" Louis shouted.
"Okay, well, its kind of the same thing. It's bad in a way, but also good."
"Whatever, just tell us!"
"Abby is-"
"Pregnant." I said. Everyone's eyes widened. "It's the man from the van's. That was my first time. It's upsetting that my first child couldn't be Harry's, but we're going raise it right and Harry is going to be its father."
"Babe." I looked at Harry. He grabbed my hands.
"These past few months with you have been amazing. I know that we've been through Hell and back, but I just want to tell you that I love you more than anything in this world. We're going to make an amazing family and be great parents." I kneeled down on one knee. "That's why I have to ask you something very important. To complete this family, I need to know that I can trust and love you more than anything and be with you forever. Abigail Jane Smith, will you do me the honors of being my wife?" His million dollar smile was showing. He pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever layed my eyes on. I teared up and smiled.
"Of course, Harry. Yes." I couldn't stop smiling. Tears of joy were falling from both of our eyes. He put the ring on my finger and picked me up, kissing me sweetly on the lips. He softly sat me back on the ground. "I love you." I said, touching my forehead to his.
"I love you too." He pecked me on the lips.
Everyone let out an "Awwwwwwww". Jade ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug.
"Congratulations!" She was smiling so big. I showed her my ring and she covered her mouth at the beauty.
All the boys were over with Harry, hugging him and patting his back. "Congrats, man!" Zayn said, hugging him.
"Oh, come here, BooBear!" Louis said, hugging him very tightly.
"I'm so happy for you guys!" Liam said, smiling, shaking Harry's hand.
"Dude, you're still going to let me come over and steal all of your food, right? Ha, I'm proud of you, man." Niall said, patting his shoulder. Harry looked at me, smiling. His green eyes shining with tears.
"I am so happy, right now, babe. This is the best day of my-" I cut him off by crashing my lips into his. "Life." He said, after our moment of romance.
"I love you." I smiled. He returned the gesture.
I'm not only a mother, but a wife now.

*Next Day**

Harry's P.O.V.

Today we had an interview. They said it was okay if I brought Abby and Jade with me. They actually had a few questions for them. Abby stayed at Jade's house that night. I thought she could use some girl time. I was at the interview already, waiting for my pregnant fiance to arrive. I heard a door shut and around the corner came Jade. She was wearing a tight black dress with long sleeves and some red heels with red jewelry. Abby came around the corner and was wearing a t-shirt that said "The Fray" on it and basketball sweats. On her unbroken foot, she was wearing a Nike Trainer. She looked cute. She had her hair up in a messy bun. She was on crutches. I walked over to her and said, "Hello, beautiful." I kissed her lips. I bent down and kissed her stomach saying, "Hello, whoever you are." She giggled and smiled.
"Boys, we're ready for you to come on. Girls, wait a few minutes and we'll call you out." We nodded. I gave Harry a quick kiss and he went out on stage. After a few minutes, the same man said, "Okay, ladies. We're ready for you. Break a leg." I looked at him weird. "Oh, sorry! I didn't mean it like that." I tried to act mad, but soon bursted out in laughter. I "walked" out on stage with Jade and I sat next to Harry while she sat next to Liam.
"Hi, girls!" The interviewer greeted us.
"Hello!" We said in unison. We let out a quick chuckle.
"Abby, I have a question for you."
"Yes?" I smiled.
"What in the world did you do to your leg?"
"We don't feel comfortable answering that question." Harry answered for me.
"Oh, sorry. Okay, well I have another question."
"Yes?" I smiled again.
"I see your wearing a beautiful ring, there. So, the question is: Is it official? Are you two getting married?"
"Yes. It's official!" I smiled again. The whole audience clapped and cheered.
"That's great! I'm so happy for you two." She smiled. "So, Harry. How did you propose?"
"Actually, we were in the hospital. She getting treated for her leg. I just told her how much she meant to me and how much I loved her. And I do." He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. He grabbed my hand.
The audience let out a quick, "Awwwwwww."
"That's adorable! Now, Jade. Tell me. Are you and Liam officially dating now?"
"Um, yeah. I guess so. He's a really great guy and I feel like he's the one." She smiled at him.
"Well, I hope everything turns out great with you two." She smiled. She asked the boys some more questions about their album and how they were doing career wise. Finally, after about 30 minutes, the interview was over. I got on Twitter and I had 800,000 followers now. Holy shit. I got numerous amounts of tweets saying things like, "I'm so happy for you and Harry! You're going make beautiful children. :)" and some weren't so nice, saying things such as, "You slut, you don't deserve him. He's way too good for you!" This didn't bother me that much.
I'm just happy to be where I am.
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