You Would Know

Abby Smith is a shy and kind-hearted 18 year old girl that lives in London, England. Although she doesn't show it, she is hiding very many emotions and feelings. Will she let her emotions out when she runs into national superstar and One Direction band member, Harry Styless and goes through Hell and back, just to be with him?


5. Nightmare

Abby's P.O.V.

I woke up at the hospital at 4 am. "Harry?" I whispered.
"Hey, baby." He said, rubbing his eyes and smiling.
"I'm sorry." I said looking down.
"For what?" He said looking confused. He leaned in closer to me and rested his arms on the side of the bed.
"What do you mean? This isn't your fault. None of it is."
"Yeah it is. It was my choice to starve myself and cause you so much pain and fear."
"It's fine, babe. I promise. I'm just happy you're okay. But I have a question?"
"Why did you do this?"
"I just felt like you were too good for me and I was too fat to be with someone as amazing as you. I gained a few pounds and I wanted to lose them. I figured if I didn't eat that I would lose weight and you would like me more if I was skinnier.. I'm so sor-" he cut me off by kissing me passionately.
"You're perfect the way you are. You have no reason to try and starve yourself. You're pure muscle and aren't even close to being fat in any way. And I love you for you. Not what you look like. I love you, Ab. And I always will."
"I love you too, Harry." I said, smiling. I pat the bed next to me to indicate I wanted him to lay beside me. "Come on."
"No, you need your room."
"Pleaseeee." I said, pouting my lip.
"Fine." He sighed, but soon smiled. He lied down next to me and kissed my nose. I did my signature nose scrunch.
"Oh my God." He said.
"What? What's wrong?" I started looking around, seeing what was going on.
"You're so gorgeous." He said, kissing me very intimately.
"Harry." I said, while his kiss was on my neck now. "Not now." I said, pushing him away.
"I'm sorry, Piglet." He said, laying down and smiling.
"It's okay, Poohie." I smiled back. I layed my head down on his chest and quickly fell asleep.
I saw Mum. It was all white. She was lying on a hospital bed. I quickly ran to her, but it seemed the closer I got to her, the further the bed became. "Mum! Please, come back! I love you!" She soon disappeared and it became all black. It was so cold. "Mum? Please, don't go. I need you." I started crying. "Please don't go." I whimpered.
"Abby! Abby! Baby, wake up!" It was Harry. I heard his voice but didn't see him. "Please. Wake up. I need you." I was trying my best. I just couldn't. All I saw was darkness. I could hear Harry yelling for the nurse. I tried to talk, but nothing came out. What was happening? I saw a white light coming. "Mum? I'm coming! I see the light!" I could hear Harry yelling and saying to not go to the light, but I needed to. I needed to see my mum. It was then that I started shaking. Like someone was shaking my shoulders, trying to wake me up. I tried so hard. I just couldn't.
I could hear Harry. He was saying things like, "Don't leave me!" "I need you!" "Please, Abby." "What happened to together forever?" How did he know that? I only said that in a dream I had of him. I must've been talking in my sleep. Again. I started to see the light again. But this time, it wasn't so bright. I started to walk towards it. I could see Harry. My dad. Bret, Courtney, Brittany, Kassidie. My whole life was flashing before my eyes. I felt a jolt of pain on my chest, causing me to fall to the ground. I heard a "One, two, three!" Then the pain again. This made me jump. I was coming back now. My eyes were opening. I saw the doctors above me. "She's coming back!" I felt the pain one more time, this time making me scream. I felt tears running down my cheeks. That was the worst pain I ever felt in my life. "What happened?" I asked the doctor.
"We're not sure yet. But that doesn't matter right now. What did you see?"
"I saw my mum and she disappeared and it got cold and I heard Harry talking but I couldn't see him and it was all,black and I felt the worst pain in my chest. My whole life flashed before my eyes. I tried to wake up but I couldn't." I explained my dream to the doctor.
"Okay, we're going to let you have some alone time with Harry and then we'll come back in and run some tests."
"Okay." I grabbed his arm. "Thank you." I said looking deeply into his eyes. He just nodded to me. Harry walked in the room, crying. Like, bad.
"Harry, please don't cry. Please."
"Y-you s-scared m-m-me." He stuttered. He took one more step and dashed towards me, scooping me up into a tight hug. "I love you so much." He said, snuffing.
"I love you too, Poohie." I said, giggling. He laughed.
"You should probably call your dad now."
"Shit." I had totally forgotten about Dad.
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