You Would Know

Abby Smith is a shy and kind-hearted 18 year old girl that lives in London, England. Although she doesn't show it, she is hiding very many emotions and feelings. Will she let her emotions out when she runs into national superstar and One Direction band member, Harry Styless and goes through Hell and back, just to be with him?


2. Date Night

Harry's P.O.V.

I texted Abby when I was leaving. Ten minutes later, I arrived at a large, brick house. It was very nice. I walked up the steps, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell. About ten seconds later, the door opened. I tried to look as happy as I could, but my smile soon went away and my jaw dropped. She looked so amazing. Her dress was perfect, her heels were cute. But her hair. The way her brown tips curled made me speechless. I loved how she didn't have to wear makeup. She was naturally gorgeous.
"What's wrong?" Abby asked frantically.
"You. Look. So. Beautiful." I replied, my smile returning quickly.
"Oh, you scared me, Harry!" She said, playfully hitting my arm, but blushing at the same time. I just stood there staring into her amazing aqua colored eyes. "Well, are we leaving or not?" She asked, smirking.
"Oh, yeah. Sorry." I replied, holding out my hand and guiding her to my car.
"So, where is it that we're going?" She asked when we got in the car and buckled our seatbelts.
"Does Nando's sound good?" I asked.
"Sounds great to me." She answered, smiling.
The ride was quiet, but for some reason, I loved it. I couldn't stop looking at her. She was amazingly gorgeous. We were almost there, until I looked at her eyes. She was crying.
"Abby?" I asked.
"A-are you okay?" I asked. I was really nervous for some reason.
"Yeah, just thinking."
"About what? If you don't mind me asking.."
"Uh, yeah sure. I guess it's okay if I tell you."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. My Mum passed away in January due to breast cancer. She had it for three years. We were like bestfriends. I miss her. A-a lot." I could tell she was about to start balling.
"Oh, Abby. I'm so sorry. She sounds like she was great. But, we're here now." I said, getting out of the car and heading to the passenger seat. I opened the door.
Abby let out a quiet "Thank you." She kept her head down.
I wondered what was wrong until I looked up and saw flashing lights and heard many remarks.
"Harry! Who's the girl?"
"Harry! Are you two dating?
"Say hello, Harry!" I actually responded to that one with a wave.
Some of them weren't so nice.
"Ew, Harry! She's ugly!" Abby grabbed my hand on that one.
"Why are you dating THAT?"
"Harry, you're WAY too good for HER!"
It felt like an eternity until we finally got inside. We walked to the back booth. I looked at Abby and saw her crying and her lip quivering. "Abby, just ignore them. They're so stupid. You're very beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."
She rubbed her eyes and let out a quiet "Okay." Along with a nod.
We sat down and ordered our drinks. "A beer for me." I told the waiter.
"A water for me." Abby said.
"I'll be right back with your drinks."
"Okay, thank you."
"So, tell me a little about yourself, Abby." I told the beautiful girl.
"Well, I live with my dad in London. I go to, well went to JVS High School. I play basketball and run track. I love cats, especially kittens. Um, my Mum, she passed away 6 months ago. I have two older sisters, Courtney and Brittany and an older brother, Bret, but they already moved out. I had a little sister, Kassidie, but she lives with her Mum in Cheshire. I havent talked to her in years. I can't really think of anything else." She said, smiling.
"Wow." Is all I could say.
"What?" She asked.
"You play sports."
"I've never dated a girl that plays sports."
"Is that bad?" She asked, her smile fading.
"No, not at all. I actually think it's pretty hot." I said with a wink.
"Oh, thanks." She said blushing and looking down at her feet.
"Well, don't you want to know about me?" asked, trying to sound offended.
"Oh, yeah! Sorry." She apologized.
"Well, I live in Cheshire with my mum, Anne, and my sister, Gemma. I absolutely LOVE cats." She smiled at that one. "As you may, know, I'm in a boy band. One Direction. I usually work at a bakery. I love basketball, too." She smiled once again.
"Cool." She said with a shy grin. I didn't even notice the waiter had brought us our drinks until she took a drink of her water. We ordered our food and talked a little bit.
"Not trying to be mean, but this is boring." I interrupted her.
"Yeah, I agree. You wanna go sightseeing?" She said with a smile.
"Sure." I smiled back. When I was paying, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked down and it was Abby, looking up to me with sad eyes.
"Let me pay, please." She insisted.
"Abby, no. I can't let you pay. Especially when all you ordered was a salad and water." She looked down at her stomach and ran out.
I quickly paid and ran after her. "Abby! I didn't mean it like that!" I couldn't catch up to her. She was just to fast. She was really telling the truth about running track. So, I jumped into my car and drove after her. I finally found her, three blocks away, still running. Damn. And she was wearing heels. I rolled down the window and yelled after her. "Abby! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!" She just kept running. Now, even faster. I just drove past her and went to her house. I knew where she was going. About ten minutes later, I started to get worried. I got out of my car and started walking down the road. Then I saw a blurry figure. I noticed it was Abby. She was walking now, carrying her heels in her hand. I starting running after her and she noticed. She tried running the other way, but she soon collapsed. I ran even faster and finally got to her. I got down on my knees. She wasn't breathing and she was unconscious. "Abby! Wake up! Please." I know I only knew this girl for a day, but I liked her a lot. I felt a tear run down my cheek, but I quickly wiped it away. I scooped her up bridal style and carried her to her front door. I started ringing the bell repeatedly until a large man answered the door.
"What do you- Abby!" It was her dad. He took her from my arms lied her on the dining table. "What happened?!"
"We were at Nando's and I was paying and she insisted on paying and I said no because all she had was a salad and water and she ran out and all the way home. I just drove here because I couldnt catch up to her and she finally got here but she was walking with her heels in her hand and I started running after her and she started running again but collapsed. So I brought her here."
"Okay," he said calmly. "Go to the medicine cabinet in the kitchen and get her inhaler. She has asthma. Bad."
"Yes, sir." I rushed into the kitchen and got the inhaler thingy. He put it in her mouth and pressed down on the top thing. After about five squirts, Abby soon woke up.
"Daddy?" Abby said in a quiet voice.
"Yeah, honey. It's Daddy. Just stay calm and breathe. I'm here." He said, with a tear running down his cheek. Then he started doing some breathing exercises with her. "You can sit up now, babygirl." She did as he said. She looked at me.
"I'm sorry, Abby." I apologized, with my voice cracking, trying not to cry. "I'm so sorry."
"It's okay, Harry. You didn't mean it." She said with a forgiving look in her eyes.
"Take her up to her room." Her dad told me.
"Yes, sir." I responded. I helped her up the steps and to her room. She started changing right in front of me. I didn't want to upset her anymore, so I didn't say anything. She changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt, both saying JVC basketball. I tried starting a conversation. "So, what position do you play in basketball?"
"Shooting guard." She replied.
"So, you're a baller?" I said, with a wink.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that." She blushed, climbing into her bed.
"Well, I guess I'm going to go now." I said.
"No, stay here. Please." She said, pouting.
"You sure your dad won't mind?" I asked.
"Positive." She said smiling.
"Okay." I said. "Where's the couch at?"
She laughed. "Sleep with me." She said, practically begging.
"Really?" I said, smiling.
"Yeah." She said smiling back.
"Okay." I said, turning off the light and lied next to her.
"Harry?" She said.
"Do you really think I'm pretty?"
"No." I said.
"What?" She said, choking up.
"I think you're beautiful."
She just lied there. I could tell she was smiling. "I like you a lot, Harry."
"I like you too, Ab." I said.
She lied her head on my chest. "Goodnight, Abby." I said, kissing the top of her head.
"Goodnight, Harry."
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