Mrs Tomlinson

Summer had a great life but then it got even better when she met Louis Tomlinson; that is, after their differences.
*A/N* This story is all my own, please don't plagiarise my story. All characters are fictional and any reference to real people is purely coincidental. Thanks for reading <3 Thank you to PeanutButterGuitar for finding me the cover photo <3


15. Operation

>Louis's POV<

The ambulance ride seemed to go on forever. They had given the girl two needles; one for hydration (because she was so dehydrated) and another to put her to sleep, so she wouldn't vomit. I know it was what they were trained to do but it still didn't seem fair. When we arrived at the hospital they pulled her out and I saw that they had put her on oxygen as well. It was kind of scary seeing a girl all dressed up for a night of partying, on a gurney with needles and wires sticking out of her, being wheeled into 'Emergency'. I followed the commotion and tried to follow her into a room but I was stopped by a nurse.

"Sorry son, you can't go in there. You'll have to wait until she is stabilised."


"No. Take a seat."

I reluctantly did what I was told and sat and waited.


>Summer's POV<

I half woke up and saw everything going on. I had wires and needles sticking out of me, an oxygen mask on my mouth and I saw heaps of people in hostipal uniforms clustered around my stomach. My stomach was in so much pain that it wasn't funny. Then I realised that I was being operated on. That was when a nurse noticed I was awake.

"It's okay sweetie, just a minor operation, I'm going to put you back to sleep now. You are going to feel heaps better in the morning." and with that I went back into a dreamless, painless sleep.

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