Mrs Tomlinson

Summer had a great life but then it got even better when she met Louis Tomlinson; that is, after their differences.
*A/N* This story is all my own, please don't plagiarise my story. All characters are fictional and any reference to real people is purely coincidental. Thanks for reading <3 Thank you to PeanutButterGuitar for finding me the cover photo <3


9. Getting Ready

>Summer's POV<
"Kay! Have you seen my make up bag?!" I yelled to Kay from my bathroom.
It was 7:00PM and we were getting ready to go out. We wanted to get there at about 7:45PM, incase we had to queue, as it opened at 8:30PM.
"Um... I can't remember but I think that I saw it in the kitchen and I have no idea why it's there." she yelled back from hers.
"Okay thanks!"
I walked into the kitchen and sure enough there it was. I grabbed it and went back into the bathroom. I was still in my towel and I quickly dried off and squeezed out my hair. I had decided to let it dry naturally. I did have to dry my fringe though, which I did. I found my underwear and put it on. I put on my dressing gown and went to find Kay.
She was straightening her hair in front of the mirror.
"Hey" she said
"Hey, um have you seen my black heels? I can't find them anywhere!"
"Um... I dunno. Did you wear them to work yesterday?"
"Well where did you leave them when you got home?"
"OH! I REMEMBER! They broke when I was walking home so I put them in a rubbish pile."
She looked at me with a look on her face that said 'why didn't you remember this?'
"and I don't have any other heels."
"Why didn't you get some this morning whilst you were at the shops?"
"Cause I hadn't remembered I didn't have any."
"well I would lend you a pair of mine but I only have two and one is too small for me, so it will be for you too."
I thought about this before deciding that I didn't know what to wear on my feet.

I took out my flats, but they were all the wrong colour. I saw my purple converse. I put them on and they look heaps better than the flats but heels would have looked even better. They had to do.

>Louis's POV<
"Louis! Hurry up! We need to be gone in 10 minutes!"
That was Harry, hurrying me up. It was 6:30pm and were we're meeting the boys at Sticky Leg in 15 minutes. I honestly don't know what the rush was! Harry said it only took a couple of minutes to walk there but oh well. He doesn't like to be late to ANYTHING!
I was just out of the shower and I was deciding what to wear. I finally decided on royal blue pants (that rolled up to about my ankle) and my favourite shoes. I threw on a plain white tee and a black blazer. It looked pretty good if you asked me! A grabbed my wallet and went to find Harry.

I found him fiddling with his hair.
"Argh! It won't sit right!"
"Harry, it never does when you try, let me try."
I went over and fixed it for him.
"Thanks and why does it always work for you!?"
"I dunno, I'm just magic!!"
"Well let's go then!"
I grabbed the house keys and we left for the Sticky Leg.


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