Mrs Tomlinson

Summer had a great life but then it got even better when she met Louis Tomlinson; that is, after their differences.
*A/N* This story is all my own, please don't plagiarise my story. All characters are fictional and any reference to real people is purely coincidental. Thanks for reading <3 Thank you to PeanutButterGuitar for finding me the cover photo <3


12. Dancing Experiences

>Summer's POV<
Kay and I finally made it into the club, just as a 'Who Owns My Heart' came on, by Miley Cyrus. I grabbed her hand and yelled 'Let's Dance!!'

After a coupe of songs, we decided we needed a break and a drink.
"I'm just gonna have a coke, what about you?" I asked Kay.
"I'm gonna have a lemonade, save the alcohol for later aeh?" she winked at me and I just rolled my eyes. She knows I don't like alcohol but she is always trying to get me drunk. This makes her sound bad, but she really isn't. She wants me to experience life 'properly'. We say down and finished our drinks before heading back onto the dance floor.

>Louis's POV<
I sat there, fidiling with my the straw in my glass. Everyone was up dancing, apart from Zayn and I.

"You gonna dance Zayn?"

"Well I want to but I'm worried the paps will get a shot of me with some girl and it will look dodgy and you know..."

"What if you call Perrie and ask her?"

"Great idea! Thanks!" and with that he left the table and went to call Perrie. I noticed Liam dancing with a blonde girl. I wondered what was up with that. At that moment Liam came over, pulling the girl along with him.

"LOUIS! Look who I found!" I laughed when I saw it was his sister. "Come and join us!"

"Oh, I dunno..."


"Oh alright!" I said and their faces lit up and Liam dragged me onto the dance floor.

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