Mrs Tomlinson

Summer had a great life but then it got even better when she met Louis Tomlinson; that is, after their differences.
*A/N* This story is all my own, please don't plagiarise my story. All characters are fictional and any reference to real people is purely coincidental. Thanks for reading <3 Thank you to PeanutButterGuitar for finding me the cover photo <3


11. Conversations

>Summer's POV<
Kay and I had waited and waited in the queue for the club. We had gone into the restaurant part earlier and seen what it was like and it looked awesome, but now I was sick of queuing.

We had about 15 people in front of us when a group of 5 guys walked past us and the whole queue up to security. There were loud protests from everyone, including us. They ignored us and were let in and then they yelled sorry.
"Oh that's soooo annoying when that happens!!"
"I know Kay, it drives me nuts! They think they are above queuing!"
She rolled her eyes in agreement and we continued queuing.

>Louis's POV<
"I hate not queuing, it makes me feel so bad!"
"I know Liam, I don't particularly like it either but if we don't we will get mobbed! Don't you remember what happened last time we tried to queue?" I reminded him.
"Oh yeah, that was terrible."
"Hey, why didn't you invite Danielle to come with us tonight?"
"why don't you ask Zayn about Perrie?"
"Perrie is in America, on tour, remember?"
"Oh yeah...."
"So, how come?"
he lowered his voice and whispered to me
"well we are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and she said she was going of with friends, so I said that too. But to be honest I don't believe her..."
"Liam, you should trust her, look what happened with me and Eleanor!" I frowned thinking about it. Eleanor had said she was going away with friends and family, which was totally fine with me but when she got back things went ugly. I had gone over to her house and she had to have a shower and whilst she was in there her phone buzzed and I checked it for her, as she checks mine for me all the time, and there was a message from a guy called Luke. It said "Hey gorgeous, meet me at the usual place for some fun?! x". Then I went into the conversation and this is what I saw
E- "Hey Luke, it's me, El, you wanna meet up for coffee? As friends?"
L- "Yeah sure, haven't seen you in AGES!" Starbucks Okay?"
and then it went on, organizing details and stuff, which was fine until I got to the day before's messages.
E- "Hey hot stuff, yours or mine?"
L- "Mine, bring the stuff! xx"
E- "Okay sweetheart!"
I confronted her about it and she denied it and told me off for prying, then one day I caught her kissing him and that was that.
"Did you hear a word of what I just told you about Danielle?"
"no, sorry, I was off in another world."
"Nevermind, I'll tell you later."
He turned and faced everyone
"Who wants a drink?"
We all said yes and he went off to buy some.

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