Mrs Tomlinson

Summer had a great life but then it got even better when she met Louis Tomlinson; that is, after their differences.
*A/N* This story is all my own, please don't plagiarise my story. All characters are fictional and any reference to real people is purely coincidental. Thanks for reading <3 Thank you to PeanutButterGuitar for finding me the cover photo <3


14. Ambulance

>Louis's POV<
I could see why she wanted me to call an ambulance. She was still throwing up and couldn't keep anything that I gave her, down. She was sweating, said she was cold and when I felt her forehead it was boiling. I had put her hair up for her with an rubber band I had found, put my jacket around her and had given her water and dry biscuits but she was still sick. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed the emergency number and asked for ambulance. By now I believed her, she wasn't drunk, being drunk never did that to a person, unless they had been consistently drinking for 12 hours.
"Ah yes, I'm at the Sticky Leg club and I saw this girl on the floor, sat her down and now she is vomiting continuously. She has had no luck keeping water or dry biscuits down and she drank no alcohol. We think her drink was spiked...." As I told the emergency services what had happened to her I waved Liam over. He noticed the girl, realised she was sick and started rubbing her back. He waited until I had finished the call and looked at me expectantly. I told him what had happened and he was shocked and emptied all the drinks, that he could see, into the garden and had to do some explaining to why he was doing it. I told him I was going with her to hospital and he nodded and told me he would stay and see if there was anyone looking for someone, presumably whom she came with.

With that said, sirens were heard and flashing lights appeared. I ran through the over crowed room to the door and showed the ambulance officers to the girl. The put her onto a gurney and whisked her into the ambulance, with me close behind.

>Summer's POV<
Once I had told the guy to call an ambulance, he must have realised that I wasn't joking about the spiking because that was what he said to his phone. I saw him talking to another guy, felt my back being rubbed and then this guy was tipping all the drinks out. I guessed my 'rescuer' told him my drink was spiked. All this was happening whilst I was still being sick.
When the ambulance people arrived I was still throwing up. Once in the ambulance, I saw them stick two needles into me and just before everything blacked out, I saw my 'rescuer' get in the front of the ambulance. I guess I wasn't going alone.

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