3 Little Words

Brooke decides her relationship with her boyfriend Jake is over.. When she meets Zayn and he fancies her but will it work out will jake find out will Brooke be crushed Found out in this book ur about to read


2. Chapter 3

Zayn POV

I saw her and she was something special how could anyone want to hurt her

B: im tired

Z: ok come on love

B: where

Z: to bed i have to watch u remember

B: right

He took my hand it was so soft and warm like electricity ran through me he lead me upstairs and to a room

B: can u lay with me

Z: i guess

B: thx

He lays down and i lay down next to him he puts his arm around me and i nuzzle in his side

Z: y did he do this what happened

B: we were fine and then he said i was a slut and i didnt know what i did that wa after he slapped me across the face it has been going on for months so i left

Z: wow what a jerk

B: ya i thought he was the one

Z: ya ik i thought perrie was the one for me but we split

B: sorry

Z: its ok

He smells so good

Zayn's POV

She smells like roses and who would want to hurt her
She must have fallen asleep because he breathing got slower and steadier

I fell asleep with her on my chest i fancy her i really do

It must have been a few hours later because i woke up and she was still sleeping and i saw Harry walk by the room

Z: hey mate

H: hmm

Z: do u like her

H: no she is like my sister

Z: good to know

Harry just smirks

10 mins later she wake up

B: hey Zayn

Z: hello sleep well

B: ya

She stands up and stretches

Z: so

B: hmm

I stand up

She looks at me

Z: hello Gorgeous

B: wow Zayn

She gives me a kiss on the lips

Z: umm wow

B: sorry

Z: not its ok

I lean in for another and she meets me there and we were kissing for like a few minutes

H: WTF ZAYN!!!!!! BROOKE!!!!!!
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