3 Little Words

Brooke decides her relationship with her boyfriend Jake is over.. When she meets Zayn and he fancies her but will it work out will jake find out will Brooke be crushed Found out in this book ur about to read


1. Chapter 1

Hello i am Brooke i am 19 years old i am currently dating Jake Smith. We may last forever

Brooke POV

B: jake honey where r u

J: i am right here behind u

B: ok then wait y do u have a knife

J: dont worry about it

B: jake dont do it

He drops the knife and smacks me across the face

J: you slut

B: what did i do?? I say as sobbing

J: everything

B: y r u so abusive all i did was love u

J: no u didnt

B: yes i did and im leaving

J: no ur not

B: i grab my stuff and out u went


B: i got in MY car and drove


B: hey Hazza can i stay with you

H: wtf did jake do

B: just answer me

H: yes u can

B: ok thx b there in a bit

5 minutes later

Knock knock

H: oh Brooke look at ur face

B: ya ik

I sob

H: come on

B: ok

I walk in his house and he sits me down on the couch and goes to get a wet cloth

H: You know u cant keep letting him do this too you

B: ya ik Harry i am done with him i need someone to distract me

H: yes u do hes bad news Boo

Boo is his nickname for me

B: ik Hazza Bear

H: ya kn-

I cut him off

B: dont say that u could take better care of me after my mom left and my dad passed on i just needed someone and i found him and i loved him until he started beating me

H: ik boo its ok i promise he wot hurt you again

B: thx Harry

At that moment a kind of talk dark hair boy walks in

H: Hey Zayn

Z: Hey whos this

B: im Brooke

Z: well hello Brooke

H: Zayn!

Z: just trying to be friendly

I blush

B: nice to meet you

Z: you too love

H: Zayn will you watch her so i can go to the store

Z: is she not big enough

H: i dont want her abusive ex coming for her

Z: ok i will

H: that u two behave

B: bye Hazza Bear

He kisses me on the cheek

H: bye love

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