There Is Only One Direction

So this story is about a girl named lindsey who had a terrible life.......until she met a mistirous blonde boy........


3. Ummm Hi.......:\

                                                               Lindsey's P.O.V

I got out the door and ran, i ran as fast as i could until i tripped. "OW!" I yelled.I hurt my leg, but i had to get up.I got up and ran but i was limping. I finally got to an area that looked safe enough to stay so i ran and sat on the sidewalk by it. I started crying and i found some broken glass. I started cutting myself until i heard a house door open so i stopped and look behind me and it was a mystirous blonde boy.I got to admit he was pretty cute! He looked at my wrist seeing it was bleeding. He seen me crying too. He ran over to me and took off his shirt and wrapped it around my wrist. He looked at me and said "You are beautiful never hurt that delicate skin" I smiled then nodded."HE IS SO NICE" I thought to myself."I am Niall from One Direction." He said." I am Lindsey." I said smiling. "Hi Lindsey!" Niall said. *I waved* He took the shirt off my wrist and it stopped bleeding.He looked at me and kissed my wrist and said "Please don't do that again beautiful." "Okay" I said. "So what are you doing here?" Niall said. "Well my parents died and i had to stay with my rapist neighbor and i escaped,i hated my life so bad i was cutting myself." I said crying. "Well your welcome to come stay with me and my mates." Niall said. "Ok!" i yelled. "Then lets go." Niall said. *i nodded*

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