There Is Only One Direction

So this story is about a girl named lindsey who had a terrible life.......until she met a mistirous blonde boy........


2. The Great Escape

                                                             Lindsey's P.O.V

I didnt hear no sound and im not dead so i opened my eyes and Seth was gone but there was a note and it said "Dear Slut i went in my room DONT GO IN THERE anyway i will be rapeing you tommorow so get prepared. PS. you cant escape...everything is locked... sinceraly Seth." I sat there Crying and Crying...I HATE MY LIFE. i thought to myself. I was falling asleep having nightmares and waking up ALL NIGHT. So i couldnt was morning i sat on the chair starving...."ugh i gotta get some food" i moaned to myself.(Seth walked in with breakfast and gave me the plate).."Here slut...enjoy the last meal you're ever gonna get." I watched him walk out of (the) room...i started to cry and i picked up a peiece of toast and took a bite.(Then i finished the hole breakfast) I seen the door open and it was Seth. "Get on the bed now you slut." *I walked over to th bed and started to unbutton my shirt* (DING DONG) *The door bell rang* "You stay here or i will find you and kill you." *i nodded.* "OH MY GOSH! this could be the time i escape!" i said. I tried to find a window but i found a back door instead. I opened it and i escaped.

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