There Is Only One Direction

So this story is about a girl named lindsey who had a terrible life.......until she met a mistirous blonde boy........


4. Getting to know the boys

                                                      lindsey's P.O.V

 We got to his house and i seen 4 more boys.The boys looked at me and then looked at Niall and said "Is this you're Girly Friend?" I smiled wishing it was true. Niall looked at me and he said "No." "Well umm Lindsey this is liam,harry,louis and zayn. "Hi." i said. Harry kept looking at me but whenever he did i looked away because i like niall. "lindsey will be staying with us for awhile." Niall said. "K" they said one by one. ''Who wants to play truth or dare?" Harry yelled. We all agreed.

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