There Is Only One Direction

So this story is about a girl named lindsey who had a terrible life.......until she met a mistirous blonde boy........


1. a dieing tradegy

                                Lindsey's P.O.V                                                                                                              I was sitting in my room staring out the window as it rained.I was home alone waiting for my parents to come home. But i was terrified because my next door neighbor "Seth" has been trying to rape me since i was 11.....and im 18 now..."ugh when are they gonna get home" i groaned.My phone rang, (ring ring ring ring) i answer it.It was the hospital."hello?" i said. "um is this Ms.F.?" they asked. "Ummmm yeahhh,,why?" i aswered."You're parents died in a car accedent.....but dont cry.they said you can stay with Seth next door." they said......I hung up. NO,NO NO NO. this isnt possibly happening.* I start to cry * I packed my clothes and left...........I knocked on the door. Seth answered it and did the most creepiest smile..and he pushed me in the door like a dog..." I've been waiting " he said in his creepy old man voice. *I take a huge gulp* "come with me slut. i will show you you're room" Seth said. *i nodded* (we finally get to the room) *he picks me up and throws me across the room* "OW" i said in pain. "Shut up slut" he said holding a gun to my head. *i closed my eyes waiting to here a BOOM*

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