Loved You First (sequel to give your heart a break)

Its been ten years since kate and Niall have been together... she is now dating the boy who is father to her kids, kyle... everyone is now in their early thirties and the kids are starting their freshman year in high school... but what hapens when she bumps into some old friends at a party???


3. Trip

Lillys P.o.v 

*knock knock * "who is it?" "its mom" "come in" she slowly opened my door and closed it ... she walked over to my bed and sat on it.. "mom im sorry for the way i acted earlier" "hun its fine " "i just thought about how i knew these people since i was young and havent seen them in ten years and i missed my 'dad' that i thought was my dad but its just really hard on me because it seems like dad doesnt care about me anymore i mean come on he is always asking tom to do things and go places with him as i situp here and watch them leave me home alone" "oh lilly i know i miss your old dad too at least he acted like a dad to you " i started crying and she hugged me


Kyles P.o.v

"oh lilly i miss your old dad too at least he acted like a dad to you " did she really jus say that ? am i not a father figure to her? i guess she was kind of right i am always at work or taking my boy out to do fun stuff... i feel really bad



1 day later


Kates p.o.v

"kids are you ready to head to london?" "yeah mum " "yeah i am on way down mom" wehave packed our suitcases for a week and i was driving to the airport in paris where we lived...  "mom im soo excited " lilly said in the back seat... "me too lilly" we finally got on the plane and left for london... i mustve  fell asleep on the way there because lilly woke me up and said "mom we are about to land" i smiled and streched.

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