Loved You First (sequel to give your heart a break)

Its been ten years since kate and Niall have been together... she is now dating the boy who is father to her kids, kyle... everyone is now in their early thirties and the kids are starting their freshman year in high school... but what hapens when she bumps into some old friends at a party???


5. that smile

kates p.o.v

we got to the house and i was stormed with hellos from the girls and lads... except niall he was no where to be seen "guys wheres niall?" i asked and they looked confused "i dont know actually" louis said while leading me up to my room... i passed the room where niall and i shared and stopped and smiled louis turned around to look at me and smiled"alot of memories here in this house" "yeah i know" i started walking and heard the door open behind me ..."kate?" a familiar irish accent said "hey niall" "louis i will show her to her room i need to talk to her" "ok lad just come downstairs ok" "ok lou"he walked downstairs and niall grabbed my bags and smiled "so how have you been kate?" "good how about you ?" "horrible" "why?" he stopped because we were at my room "lets go inside to talk" we walked inside and i put my luggage on my bed then turned around and i felt his warm soft lips against mine it was a long passionate kiss and we fell on my bed kissing and he then went to roll over and hit hiss head on my wheel of my luggage "ow"he said rubbing his head and looked at me in the eyes and we both started laughing "ok niall... now tell me why have you been horrible mister "i said pointing my finger at him and scrunching my faacce "i just missed you... i didnt mean for you to leave me i was just so upset that day that i had nothing to say so i just left i went to my mum house and asked her what do to and she said to live with it and by the time i came back you were gone.." "niall i had no -""i know you didnt know but your back now and i hope maybe we could be closer agaain and maybe try dating...." 'niall that sounds great but i am  dating kyle and he has been there with me for a long time" "oh" "niall... but i need to tell you something i will date you again because its bad for my kids to be with him...he is a really bad drinker and he forgets we have a daughter..." "wait your gonna date "yes you may""okkate would youlike to get dinner with me tommorrow at seven?" "yes mr. horan i will" we started laughing "but seriously will you go to dinner with me tommorrow?" "yes i will" i gave him a kiss on the lips and the door opened we both backed up from eachother and looked at the door it was louis... oh shit he is going to blab to everyone he said "sorry im interupting this... oooooh you two are still in love!!!" he quickly ran downstairs and we looked at eachother and we ran after him and we both yelled"LOUIS" everyone looked at us... Eleanor stepped up and said "too late love birds he already told us!!" "louis i hate you !!" i said to him while hitting him and everyone laughing "its good to be back here like old times""awwwwe we missed you kate! GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!" louis yelled and we all hugged just like old times.... 

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