Loved You First (sequel to give your heart a break)

Its been ten years since kate and Niall have been together... she is now dating the boy who is father to her kids, kyle... everyone is now in their early thirties and the kids are starting their freshman year in high school... but what hapens when she bumps into some old friends at a party???


4. reunion

Celestes p.o.v 

im so excited my baby sis is coming to  visit me!!! i was soo excited i havent seen her in almost ten years... i havent told the boys but im about to tell the girls "hey guys can i talk to you ?" "yep" "yea" "on my way down " el dani and valarie said as they run from all directions "whats up?" "so as you all know its my birthday tommorrow and someone is coming to visit us..." "who??" "kate is coming to visit us and the kids are coming too, well they are not really kids any more but yeah !!!" "what???" they all screamed "yeah she decided she is coming to see us and the boys... " "soo its gonnabe awkward tomorrow!!" "yeah i know but dont tell the boys about this convo ok im going to pick her up!!!" "ok " i left and went to pick up my sister i got a text from her (k=kate c=celeste)

k: hey we just landed 

c:ok im actually just pulling up what are you wearing so i can find you ??? 

k: i am wearing this...

she sent me a pic here is what it looks like:


i was looking all over for the outfit and i found iti ran up to her and grabbed her and hugged her 

"what the?"
"sis its me celeste"

we both screamed and hugged "aunt celeste " the kids yelled at the same time..."hey guys you are soo big now!" "lilly you look alot like your mom at that age.." "so i have been told can we go its kinda awkward with people looking at us?" "yeah lets go to the house" we got the luggage and left

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