Loved You First (sequel to give your heart a break)

Its been ten years since kate and Niall have been together... she is now dating the boy who is father to her kids, kyle... everyone is now in their early thirties and the kids are starting their freshman year in high school... but what hapens when she bumps into some old friends at a party???


6. just another bad breakup

kates p.o.v

i knew since i was going to date niall again i had to break up with kyle i grabbed my phone and unlocked it.... i clicked on kyles contact  

ka: hey babe we need to talk

ky:ok babe whats up?

ka: the other day lilly toldme how she feels about you...

ky: i know i heard the conversation i went up stairs and accidentaly heard you guys..

ka: oh well um i think we need to break up... 


ka: yes now i want you to get out of my house and go to your own house!! im serious

ky: ok fine then bitch i hope you have a horrible life... 

did he just say that??

ka: hope you rot in hell

Kyles P.o.v

She fucking dumped me for the irish boy.. i wasgoing to fucking propose to her when she got back.... fml its over theres nothing worse then losing your kids and baby mama.... i am fucking going to kill my selff... i will put nothing of hers out in the safety... i ran to grab my gallon of gas and poured it all over the house then i found some of my mathces and set the house on firewith me in it i felt some few sharp burns and then i blacked out

Kates P.o.v

i felt like my life wasback to normal... i heard my phone ring and it was my dad.... "hello?" "hey honey your house is on fire..." "what let me call kyle" i dialed his number and no answer.... "he is not answering " "ok.. the firefighters are here hold on...." i heard muffling " it wasnt an accident it was a suicide...."i dropped the phone and ran ddownstairs to find my kids and i hugged them ...." mom whats going on?" thomas asked me" your father just committed suicide he burned the house and himself down.... we will have to live here...." they both hugged me but thomas started crying hard "tom hun dont worry the boys will be the dad you wished you ha-" "MOM I HAD MY DAD..... I LIVED WITH HIM FOR TEN YEARS.... MY REAL DAD NOW ITS ALL RUINED BECAUSE YOU DECIDED TO BREAK UP WITH HIM FOR THE ONE WHO LEFT YOU A LONG TIME AGO NOW LEAVE ME ALONE I NEED TIME TO MYSELF..."  he ran upstairs and i started crying and layed down on the couch and the next thing was i was asleep

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