Loved You First (sequel to give your heart a break)

Its been ten years since kate and Niall have been together... she is now dating the boy who is father to her kids, kyle... everyone is now in their early thirties and the kids are starting their freshman year in high school... but what hapens when she bumps into some old friends at a party???


7. first date

Nialls Pov 

I am so happy tonight is the night i get to go on a date with kate... we havee to build our reltionship up to where i can propose i missed her soo much, my life has been horrible with out her the boys can tell... i sit in my flat every day since our fame has died down alot in ten years but we are always getting those tweets from true fans saying we need a reunion tour but we havent because i have been depressed but now i feel complete again i was just pulling up and i saw lilly sitting on the front porch almost in tears i stopped the car andgot out as fast as i could "lilly whats wrong?" "m-m-mom and tom are fighting about dad...." she started balling i sat next to her and held her " lilly just know its not your fault" "i-i-i know its not but i just wanted to say you are basically my actual dad and i love you " i felt happy knowing she loved me "ok letsgo inside people are gonnathink who is this girl with niall horan haha love you too lil...." we walked inside and kate was no where to be found..... "lilly go to your room..." she walked up stairs and i went to my room and there was  kate sitting in my bed crying i walked up to her and she looked at me her eyes were red and puffy cause she had been crying "kate dont cry  i am here now" i smiled and she laughed as i sat by here and put her in my arms she looked at me "kyle committed suicide and ruined everything i owned and what the kids owned " she grabbed me and cried into my shoulder i felt like crying to but i tried not to i let a small tear out and she could tell because i let go of her and wiped my face "Niall dont cry im gonna cry even worse....." we both started laughing... "so do you remember that we were supposed to have our date tonight " "shit i totally forgo-" "babe its fine if you are in this state i will go and get nandos and bring some movies home and we will sit in our bed and watch movies all night..."she smiled and me and said "babe that sounds great" she hugged me before i got up and gave me a kiss which was the best so far i had left and thought about her the entire way... i arrived at nandos and i still had my black card which they gave me because i was famous at the time, butnot any more theey still let me use it i walked in and saw the manager carl "hey mr horan nice to see you we thought you were dead you didnt show up for like months" he hugged me and brought me the usual "hey carl im going to need a number two also kate is back in town and-" "kate is back ? why ?" "her sisters birthday is tommorrow and her husband destroyed everything so they are going to live with me now"  "crongrats im proud "

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