More Than Friends

Louis Tomlinson meet the girl that was perfect for him. He invites her to go on tour with them. That's where the story begins.


1. Meeting You

Louis's POV

"Louis! Louis! Louis can I have your autograph!" I'm trying to get out of a crowd a fans. The're all climbing on me, and they are asking me questions. One even stole my shoe! All of the sudden I feel a tug on my arm and I looked up. There she was. The girl of my dreams. "Come with me!"
She says. I take her hand and we run towards a van. She pulls me in and the van drives away. "Oh my god! Thank you so much!" I said. "No problem. Ummmm..... Where's your other shoe?" "Who the hell knows, all of them are probably fighting over it." "Some of them are just stalker-ish and wierd." She said. "What's your name?" I asked her. "Megan" she said. Then she asked me where all the other boys where. "Back at the hotel" I told her. Soon we pulled up at the hotel. "Your're coming right?"

Bella's POV

He just asked me if I was coming. I didn't know what to say, "Sure."
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