More Than Friends

Louis Tomlinson meet the girl that was perfect for him. He invites her to go on tour with them. That's where the story begins.


2. Introducing Her

Megan's POV

We got into the hotel and ran for the elevators. We got up to Louis's room and he told me to put my jacket on his bed. Then we went into Harry's room. There they all were, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry, watching Toy Story. Zayn jumped up at the sight of us and rand behind the couch screaming, "INTRUDER!!" "What the hell mate, calm down!" Louis said. "This is Megan" , she saved me from a crowd of crazy fans" "Well that deserves a hug!" Niall said. They all came over and huged me. But Liam, who was still staring at the Telly. "Mate!" Zayn said poking Liam in the back. Liam jumped and turned around. "INTRUDER!!" He said screaming. Louis told him what happened and he joined the group hug.

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