Diffrent Dick Every Night.

Think my name is odd? Try listening every other hoe trying to be me. But, thats my stage name, so you probably dont know my real name. Im Samantha. Samantha 'Bonquisha' Mongolio. I'm a stripper. By night, im journalist Samantha Mongolio, but at night, im the free falling, Bonquisha. Im really young, only 18, but i strived to get where i am and im happy. My life changes, when i met the boys only known as One Direction. "Oh changed for the better!" You may think. Uh no. I got fired. Your asking "well why?" They did it. And your, gonna see how.


1. Meet Samantha Mongolio

Name - Samantha 'Binquisha' Mongolio

Age - 18

Occupation - New Anchor for Englands most watched news
Stripper at 'Marleys'

Looks - Tall. Dark Brown Hair. Hazel Eyes. About 5'7. Fair skin. Not an imperfection in sight. No freckles. Big boobs, junk in the trunk.

Personality - She has several. Shes usually quite but while being Bonquisha, shes wild.

Where you see her at night - Basically dry humping a pole.

We will pick off on when he life, dramatically changed, for the worse
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