Diffrent Dick Every Night.

Think my name is odd? Try listening every other hoe trying to be me. But, thats my stage name, so you probably dont know my real name. Im Samantha. Samantha 'Bonquisha' Mongolio. I'm a stripper. By night, im journalist Samantha Mongolio, but at night, im the free falling, Bonquisha. Im really young, only 18, but i strived to get where i am and im happy. My life changes, when i met the boys only known as One Direction. "Oh changed for the better!" You may think. Uh no. I got fired. Your asking "well why?" They did it. And your, gonna see how.


2. And Un average day

"Bye Juanita!" I yelled as i walked through the back doors of Marleys. It was dark and cold. A wind blew and chilled my skin. I took a deep breathe. This time, i wasnt sexually harassed. Minors (who weren't even aloud by law but Burt let them in anyway) always tried to either buy me into their pants or charm their way there. It never worked. Never. I wouldnt date any one younger then me. I sighed and looked at my watch. I had to be back at the news station tomorrow morning. Damn. Now you maybe thinking "How old ARE you?" Im truthfully 18. I was the smartest in my class and graduated early, which made me a shoe in to be the news anchor of Englands most watched news. I think i only got their cuz men would watch the show more because of my boobs. Men. Never will fully understand those intricate creatures. I took my first few steps in the dark alleyway and felt a ping on my head. "Ow?" I called out to who would listen. I felt something go into my purse. "HEY!" A little child took my phone and wallet. Wow. I just got robbed. I sighed and started walking. Something grasped my arm. "Where are you going?" It whispered seductivly. I ripped my arm from the tight grasp. "Home" i coldly answered. "Why so soon babe" another whispered. "Because i have work tomorrow." I coldy stated again. "Come with us!" Another one implyed. How many are there? "No!" I yelled. "Fine." Yet another said. I sighed. They're leaving me alone. "We'll just make you" a chocolaty (dont ask me how) voice answered. I felt a pain to my head. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I screamed. I felt another pain on my back and toppled over. A last blow to the head struck me cold. Damn. I was being abducted. Stupid stripper job

My eye flashed open. "She up yet Niall?" A brit accent asked. "I dunno Zayn! You check!" And irish voice yelped. "Fine." The same voice as before answered. Uh oh. I closed my eyes and pretended to be unconscious. Easier said then done. He looked over and chuckled. "She looks like it" he finally answered. "Touch her to make sure!" The same chocolaty voice yelled before i was knocked out. Uh oh. Who i suppose is Zayn reached forward and touched my boob. When i didnt flinch, he squeezed it. I felt like getting up and hitting him but a lay perfectly still. "Yea shes knocked out cold." He finally answered. I mentally sighed. "Now put her in the refrigerator box we had and take her back up to the flat" someone yelled. Shit. I felt hands lift me and slide me into a box. I heard tape. I was duct taped inside. I opened my eyes for a bit. It was pitch black. What was happening. "Hello boys!" I heard someone cheerfully say. "New fridge?" He asked hitting the box sharply. "Yep!" They all cheerfully answered. "Well i have work having to be done, good luck installing it!" He answered happily and walked away. I groaned silently. "Lets hurry up." A voice whispered. I felt movement and a few moments later the box was dropped. That really hurt. I heard the tape being ripped off and i closed my eyes quickly. "Hey lets try waking her up!" One suggested. Remind me to slap that one. I felt the box being lifted. I was then slid out of the box onto something fluffy. Maybe a bed? "Lets play a game. Whoever wakes her up first gets to fuck her first!" One whispered. A room of 'good idea harrys' erupted. "Harry first, then niall, liam, myself, then louis!" I boy ordered. I heard a clap. "Lets do this." One said. Uh oh. I felt two hands touch my boobs and squeeze them. I tried not to open my eyes, and i succeeded. One down, four to go. The next one squeezed my ass. I wanted to slap him, but i resisted the urge. Next one traced my inner thigh lightly. I almost moaned but kept my mouth and eyes shut. Two more. I can do this. I felt something lick my ear. EW EE EWWWW! But i kept frozen. One more. This last one, kissed me. Like full on kissed me! I survived. I SURVIVED! I celebrated. In my head before hearing, "harrys turn again." DAMN IT FUCK SHIT FUCK. "This time we take her clothes off" someone implied. I felt my clothes hungrily being ripped off my body. I was exposed. "Me first" the Harry one said. "Im going for her pussy" he said to himself. Or the others. Or me. Ill never know. I felt his fingers plung inside my vagina. I couldnt hold it. I moaned and opened my eyes. "WHAT THE HELL" i screamed. Four boys frowned and one jumped and down like he won a prize. "I WIN!" He shouted. "WHAT THE FUCK. WHY AM I NAKED!" I shouted. "Tape" one held out his hand and taped my mouth. I tried to scream. Next, my hand were taped to the bed, as well as my legs. I tried rolling around, butni was completely naked. "Boys cover her up then close the door and get ready. You can have her after. What. I was covered and they all left.

Truly i was scared. I heard the door open and i dare not look. "Open your eyes or ill make it worse" he growled. I opened my eye terrified and saw him shirt less. "You will enjoy this. Got it" he demanded. I said nothing. "GOT IT!" He spat. I nodded. "Good." He un did his fly and pulled his pants off. "If you protest, you will be killed , Got it?" He spat again. I nodded. He un did the. Tape on my legs and mouth but applied tons to my waist to keep me down. He pulled the ones on my arms off. He pulled down his underwear and slipped on a condom. What the heck. He ripped off the blanket covering me and climbed on top of me. He pressed his lips to mine and started kissing me. I remembered what he said. I had to survive.

He kissed me and whispered while he did it, kiss me back. So i did so. I kissed him and tried not to be scared. He started to finger my boobs. He twirled his finger around my nipple, not letting our lips disconnect. He moved his mouth to my nipples and started sucking. No no no. I moaned a bit. He smiled and plugged two fingers into my vagina. I moaned more "see im making it pleasurable" he chuckled. He pulled his fingers out and licked them. Ew! Gross bro just ick. Next, he thrust into me and forced my legs around his waist and my arms on his back. He thrust in and out, faster and faster. He groaned as he pushed deeper and deeper. I couldnt take it. He thrust extremely fast, hard, and deep into my vagina. He grunted and moved his lips to mine. He knew i was gonna scream. Right when he moaned into my mouth, he pulled out. I relaxed. Good. I closed my legs and he re-taped me to the bed. What. No! He taped my mouth again and slipped his condom off. "Next time, it will be harder" he winked and left the condom beside me. He threw on his boxers and left. Good god it was over.
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