Natalie and her best friend just met the man of their dreams. When they think it can't get any better, it just gets worse. Natalie's dad, who just got out of prison for killing here mother, wants her back. And he's not giving up anytime soon. Niall tries to protect her, but can he?


9. Yeah it's a chapter

Chapter 9:I tell Bailey ever thing that Niall said. "So Liam, he likes me?" I nod. Her facial expression lightens. "Well we can't go looking like this, we HAVE to get our hair done!" We go to her aunts shop in town and get our hair done. She gets her blonder while I just curl mine. We leave the salon, feeling like new people, and walk around town. We stop at a few stores along the way a pick up a few things. Bailey stops in her tracks. The worst runs through my mind, but she just saw some Gucci purses. It's all good. We walk until we get to Starbucks and stop and get us something. I see a familiar face, and he sees me too. I grab Bailey and we walk out of there, so does he "Natalie what ARE you doing?" "No time to talk, walk forward, don't look back, and shut up. He follows us until he's in spitting distance of us. "Natalie Ann, get your ass over here" I whisper under my breath "Never look back" we walk faster. "You too, fake blonde" she stops. I whisper-yell "Bailey don't stop" I don't stop, but she turns around. I stop and was about to do something, but I can't, I'm frozen. I hear some very colorful vocabulary coming from those two, he pushes her out of the way and heads for me. I run and run. Until I can't run no more. I stop and someone pushes me over "Natalie!" I hear an Irish accent say, that's the last thing I remember from that day.
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