Natalie and her best friend just met the man of their dreams. When they think it can't get any better, it just gets worse. Natalie's dad, who just got out of prison for killing here mother, wants her back. And he's not giving up anytime soon. Niall tries to protect her, but can he?


5. Restraining Order

Chapter 4: The next day I call Bailey "Yeah your dad called and he said he wanted you out of our house and in his" "I'm not going. I hope he knows that" "Yeah, my mom put a restraing order on him. He can't come within 1mile of you" Niall interups. "What's that about?" I stick my finger up at him "Yeah tell your mom I love her and she saved me a lot of trouble. Ok I have to go. Ok. Bye" "So what's this about?" "They put a restraining order on my dad" "Oh Natalie! That's great!" he wraps his arms around me "So what's new with you?" "Well Josh is still mad at us" "So when will I met the rest of the boys?" "Tonight at dinner" "Can Bailey come?" "Sure whynot?"

So I'm writing a fanfic with @muchlove4harry .... Read it maybe? Thanks! Xx
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