Natalie and her best friend just met the man of their dreams. When they think it can't get any better, it just gets worse. Natalie's dad, who just got out of prison for killing here mother, wants her back. And he's not giving up anytime soon. Niall tries to protect her, but can he?


8. Mistakes, mistakes

Chapter 9: Me and Niall go on one last date because ill probably never see him again. I mean he is Niall of One Direction. We go to the park and spend the day. We watch the sunset as he looks at me "Natalie, your the best thing that's ever happened to me," I blush and smile "Do you wanna come with us?" I sit there. Going with ONE DIRECTION. I want to... But I'm only 17 like I'm not ready for this. I look up at him and he looks back "I've already made it clear with Bailey's mom, she said its fine if you go" "But I can't leave Bailey here, I mean this town is boring" "She said Bailey could come too, besides, Liam kinda fancies her" I chuckle "Ok I guess" he's grinning from ear to ear. Mistakes, mistakes
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