Natalie and her best friend just met the man of their dreams. When they think it can't get any better, it just gets worse. Natalie's dad, who just got out of prison for killing here mother, wants her back. And he's not giving up anytime soon. Niall tries to protect her, but can he?


10. Meh

When I get to the airport I realize that our relationship has surfaced. I got stopped twice to take my picture with someone. I have been in twitter in A LONG time. I look on there, I've gained 20,000 new followers. I look through my mentions and I go down until I see a picture. The main picture is of him hugging me on the bench at McDonalds. Most of them are hate and some of them are sympathy for me because I was crying. I look through my mentions until the cranky old flight attendant tells me to put it up. I reply to the nice ones. But not the haters. None for them. Even if their dad invented to toaster strudel.

So I wrote a new thingy. It's not a fanfic or anything but I wrote it and its like, a murder book so yeah. Read it? Xx
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