Natalie and her best friend just met the man of their dreams. When they think it can't get any better, it just gets worse. Natalie's dad, who just got out of prison for killing here mother, wants her back. And he's not giving up anytime soon. Niall tries to protect her, but can he?


1. Running From My Fears

Chapter 1: Running. Running from my fears. I didn't want to go home. Not with my dad there. He's been in jail for 12 years for killing my mother and I'm afraid he'll do the same to me. "Bailey I don't wanna go home I wanna stay with you" "I'm sorry, Natalie, I can't do anything about it he's tricked all the police into thinking he's a man of god." I pouted did i want him to come home? Not at all. "C'mon let's go to the mall and get your mind off of things, everything's on me." We was at the mall when I bump into someone and it knocks me down. "Ow!" I yell. He turns around "Oh my gosh! I'm sorry! Here let me help you up!" oh my lord it was Niall Horan of One Direction. I try to act cool and act like I don't know him but I have a blog and fangirl over him but I remain calm and say "Hey ain't you Niall from One Direction?" Bailey whispers to me "Your country side is showing" I giggle "Why yes I am Niall, and this is Josh, our drummer" "Yes I do believe I know Mr.Devine" I say. Josh blushes. Bailey butts in and says "Would you like to join us?" "Of course we would!" we was shopping when I see someone coming towards me. Bailey nudges me. I stand there and he waves. I'm so in shock I start running. "Natalie? What are you doing?" Niall says. Bailey explains to them about what was happening. Oh and the person coming towards me? That's my dad and I want no part in him. that's why I'm running
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