For the Better

Saphire Morrison,is a regular normal 16 year old girl who just happens to be a musical genius. Her hair never seems to cooperate when she needs it to but she can write music that penetrate even the hardest of hearts. Though she never knows what to wear, what never to wear and what to stop wearing, she is able to compose songs that could inspire a nation. Life is good, until one day, as she is driving home from school she gets into an accident. Her car ( Daisy), a volkswagen jetta is totalled along with the love of her life, and worse enemy, Maxwell Livingstons’s Audi. How is he ever going to forgive her? Is there love in the air or just heartbreak?


1. After the chaos

My name is Sapphire Morrison and frankly, I never thought this day would come. I thought I’d be able to get through it but, I don’t think I can. Its not everyday a person loses someone they love, and its not everyday when a person loses more than one. Who am i kidding, the plan was bound to fail eventually. I never expected this to happen to me, me of all people, especially since all I’d been through.  I probably should start from the beginning so you’ll be all caught up.


I was born in Mackinaw City, Michigan and only lived there for a little while. Funny thing is, Mackinaw city is not an actual city, in fact its a village. I learned that as I was visiting my grandparents during break from school. They in Mackinaw and I’ve visited them almost every summer. I’m surprised it took me so long,  I suppose I just got used to seeing the signs and not really seeing them. Sadly, it’s one of my many faults as you will eventually see.

Anyway, I moved when I was about two years old. My parents felt as if they needed to spread their wings and  so we moved to Canada for a couple months and my mom still didn’t feel comfortable so they decide maybe a change across the pond would be sufficient. So we ventured to Vienna,  Austria and then to Vernier, Switzerland but, only for a little while until she realized not all people in Europe speak English and she didn’t want to learn another language. My dad got quite a kick out of it when she had that revelation even though she is a secondary teacher. To put her mind to rest, we moved here, to Bath, which is a city in the county of  Somerset, in South West England when I was 5. Bath is a place I like to call the “ best place in England,” after London and Cheshire because i mean really, who doesn’t enjoy living in a place named after a room? Certainly not me.

Now I’m 16 and we still live in Bath, I’m 5 2”, I have brown, highlighted auburn, unruly curls that go past my shoulders, courtesy of my parents. My eyes aren’t that special, sometime I wonder why couldn’t my parents have given me their beautiful, like the ocean, deep blue eyes of my mothers’? I’m stuck boring, simple, unattractive hazel eyes. Anyway, enough about me, there isn’t really anything to tell.....Okay, I’ll spill. I absolutely dislike my nose, I wish my hair was Copper red like Lexie (my best friend), I like to write love song about guys even though I’ve never had a boyfriend and I am madly and deeply in love with Maxwell Livingston. He is the hottest guy in our academy (a fancy name for a school you live at) and surprisingly a genius. He has hair as golden as the sun and sky blue eyes that seems to melt my heart every time i look into them. The only time i’ve talked to him was when we had an assignment in English and were paired up. That was during year 8 and he had just moved here. His parents were involved in political affairs and were never home so he went to live with his grandmother who happened to love the academy. Did i mention he’s rich? Because he is. Extremely. In order to go to academy, you had to have a talent, hence the name “The Changridge Academy of Art and Music”. Luckily, his talent is sculpting and boy oh boy can he sculpt.

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