That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


9. will you love me?

Jace P.O.V

I knew that i need to tell them.. I was just scared..nervous...afraid of what they will think about me. 

Niall P.O.V

I knew what Jace was talking about....the other day in the shower. I knew why she got so upset. I was embarrassed to see what her friends..or well my friends thought about what happened between us. All i can think about is Jace and her beautiful body, i just hope its not the only time. I hope she feels the same way. 

Harry P.O.V

Me and Kasi have been crying and fighting outside for like 3 hours and we have no clue what has happened inside...i hope we haven't missed a lot. I grabbed on to Kasi's shoulders on instinct to try to calm her down...i walked her over to the side of the pool where no one could see us and i began to talk to her... "Listen Kasi, I like you a lot. Just because our fling is over doesn't mean we are over. Do you think we could do this for real? Kasi Renne Flinson will you be my girlfriend?" I just couldn't take my eyes off of her, she is so beautiful. "Harold Edward Styles, of course i will!" she spoke loudly. She wrapped her arms around me and we both fell backwards into the pool. I kissed her underwater and it was so perfect. "Kasi do you think we should go in and tell them?" i asked her. "Yes." she smiled.

Jace P.O.V 

Just as i was about to tell them Harry and Kasi walked in the door soaking wet. "What happened to you guys?" Louis asked. "Um well we fell into the pool." Harry said. "Uhhunn sure ok well guys come over here Jace has something she wants to tell us because we don't have secrets...none of us." Liam said. "Well if thats true then i have something to say.." Harry started to say when Kasi blurted out "ME AND HARRY ARE DATING" We all just looked at her in amazement. "Well we have to talk about that after Jace's announcement. Go ahead Jace." Jaylee said to me. I gulped. "Ok so you guys really need to pay attention right now. Ok so...last week as some of you was not my week and you guys know that when that happens i'm totally out of it. Last week i didn't talk to Niall at all, i got mad at him for no reason. After 7 days i went to go take a shower..yes after 1 week i took a shower. Ok so anyways me and Niall didn't talk about a schedule so well...he went into the bathroom and got in the shower and i went into the bathroom completely zoned out not hearing the shower and i stripped and got into the shower. After about 30 seconds into it I realized i never turned on the water..I then turned around to see Niall standing there... 

I paused for a minute looking up to see everyone staring at me and Niall..I could see that Niall's face was all red. So i continued...

When i turned around i started to cry and i fell to the ground bawling. He was super sweet about it and picked me up off the ground, handed me a towel and set me on the ground. He finished his out wrapped himself up, picked me up and carried me to my closet. He put me down, got me some clothes and helped me get dressed...That was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me....but also the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me." I looked up at Niall first, he looked really happy so i took his hand. He smiled and so did I. I felt good getting that off my chest. When i looked at everyone all of their faces were amazed. Louis broke the silence of course. "Wow, just wow..." "So yeah..." Liam said. "Aweee" Danielle said with a smile on her face. Eleanor and Danielle was super supportive about it.... "What is wrong with you Jace?" Jaylee blurted out. "Jaylee stop, you know it was Jace's first time seeing a guy naked. Be supportive." Kasi said to her with a smile on her face. "Thanks Kasi." i smiled back at her. "Zayn do you have anything to say about this?" Jaylee asked. "Jace i really don't know what to say about that." Zayn said. "I know you guys i just thought that you might wanna know." I said to them. "If we are sharing secrets then i would like to say that a month ago me and Kasi had a fling and thats why she has seen the tattoo on my under arm of a star. It was amazing and all i could do for the past month is think about her... and i asked her if she would be my girlfriend." Harry said to us. I couldn't help but smile in that moment i just had the urge to kiss Niall so I did. Everyone else did too....well besides Zayn and Jaylee until 2 minutes into our make out session. I heard Zayn say, "Jaylee i like you a lot." she said, "I like you too Zayn...Kiss me." He did, it was so sweet.

I continued to kiss Niall. Tongue and all. He touched me hips and i couldn't help but touch his fit chest. I was so in love with him. This went on for maybe 10ish minutes. After we all finished up Louis and Eleanor we no where in sight....

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