That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


4. What now


 Niall's P.O.V

"Wow." she said with a smile. "Oh gosh, what?" i asked her with a conceded look in my face. "That was amazing." she said while trying not to turn all red. "Yeah...soo where do we go from here? i asked her. "Well i was thinking maybe the pool? she said. Then she pushed me in the pool. Clothes and all. She then jumped in screaming. "Now i'm all wet!" i pouted with a smile. Trying to be cute.

Jace's P.O.V

He kissed me! That kiss was amazing. So amazing considering i never kissed a boy before. I did it on impulse...i pushed him in the pool. AS he came back up to the surface, he gave me that cutest pout. I just smiled and pushed him under. "What was that for?" he asked, trying not to laugh. "I don't know." she replied. "Um you mind if i take off my dress? It really sticking to me.." i smiled at him. "Haha yeah, I'm gonna take off my shirt...really uncomfortable." I laughed. I got out of the pool and took off  my sopping wet dress, revealing me bra and underwear. I wasn't scared.  I didn't really care but he just stared. "Your turn." I said to him, hopping back into the pool. He got out and took off his shirt. "Um no, just no thats not cool." i said with my jaw dropping. "What wrong?" he asked me. "You are ripped thats not okay. haha I'm just kidding. and you cant do un my underwear, your turn." i said to him with a big smile. So he took off my shorts..revealing his boxers.. he got all red. "Don't be ashamed, you got a great body Niall." I said to him. So he jumped in. We splashed around for an hour or so... then we got out and ran into the house trying to be as quiet as we could. We ran into out bathroom and just laughed. I turned around and went into my closet....forgetting to shut my door and changed out of my wet underwear...

Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe what just happened. She was practically naked in that pool and she didn't care at all. Me on the other hand, i was as red as a tomato. I was still in amazement when she walked into her closet and undressed. Her body was so beautiful. She was turned around so it didn't really matte. Wow that sounded kinda perverted. So i quickly walked into my closet and got changed. I  put on some sweat pants and a tank. We walked out of our closets at the same time...she had on the cutest bunny shorts and a cropped tee. So it showed her stomach. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. I walked back to my room and layed down. I heard a faint knock on my door and she poked her head in my door. "Hey Niall." "Hi Jace, can't sleep?" i asked her. "No, all i can think about was...." i knew where she wa going with this....the kiss. "Yeah well...come up here." she sat on my bed. She spoke first. "Niall i have a confession to make, i like you...alot." she said to me. looking down at the bed covers. "Well i have a confession to make, i like you...alot." i said to her. She looked up. "Really?" "Jace, yes i do ever since i layed my eyes on you." "Awe Niall...when i saw your sparkling blue eyes i just new i liked you. She smiled. I held out my arms for her. She cloasppsed into my was just perfect. "What now?" she asked. "Im not sure." i replied looking down at her. "Well i know for sure we can't tell my mom what happened,and i think we should go get our clothes." she said to me with a smile. I got up and tip toed down stairs and got our clothes and then sprinted up the stairs back into my room. "Score!" she loudly whispered. "Um also the kiss." i said to her. "What about it? Are you saying you want more..?" she said to me with a grin. "Well i was just wondering what we do about that whole do we go from here?" i asked her. "Lets take it one step at a time." she said then pushed me over onto my bed. She sat right next to me and kissed me again. We were laying down and it was so passionate. I was like fireworks. AMAZING!

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