That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


11. the continuous night

Harry's P.O.V

"Wow Kasi I've been waiting for that since i met you." I said to her because i really meant it. "Me too Harry." she smiled at me. I looked around at everybody, but i didn't see Louis and Eleanor. I stood up, "Do you know where Lou is?" i asked the group? "No, i thought you knew." Liam said. "I think i saw them walk over there?" said Niall pointing toward the back door. We all got up and walked over to the door and saw their clothes on the side of the pool and them in it. They were swimming in their underwear. "Can we join you?" Jaylee asked. "Or is this just a private thing?" Zayn interjected. They laughed while being intertwined together. "Of course you guys can crash the party." El laughed. We all quickly stripped down to our underwear, and jumped in. Before I jumped i grabbed Niall's hand for security. He locked his hands with mine and we jumped in last. I couldn't help but smile under water. I reached the surface to see Niall's face. We all splashed around for like 2 hours in our underwear. By the time we got out of the pool it was 10 p.m. Liam and Dani got out first and went to the back room to change. Harry and Kasi got out and went to the bathroom. Zayn and Jaylee got out and went to the video room. Louis and Eleanor got out and went to the my room to get dressed. Niall and I stayed back for a few minutes and then he picked me up and brought me to his room. He laid me down on his bed and kissed me. It was so hot, not only because we were kissing but also because my bra and undies were sticking to me and his boxers were clinging to his hips and thighs. 

"Jace please never leave me." He whispered.

"Never." I smiled.

"You wanna go down stairs?" I asked him getting up and putting on one of his shirts and a pair of my booty shorts.

"Girl yo look fine." He could stop staring.

"Aww thanks Nialler. You get dressed and I'll meet you down stairs." I said walking out of the room.

"Jace will you please stay?" he whined.

"Fine but I'm turning around." I said walking back in the room and shutting the door.

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