That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


7. Oh no.

Niall's P.O.V

Lately i don't even know what to think. Early today was crazy. I was so in love with her. We laid on her bed for maybe 2 hours and was startled from her mother yelling for us to come downstairs. Jace walked downstairs first then me. We both sat on the couch really confused. Her mom was tapping her foot with her arms crossed. "Um whats wrong mom?" Jace asked. "Well honey, i came home today from my business to find the back door wide open and the alarm NOT on." she said in a very stern tone. "Oh gosh! Mom, i am so sorry i totally forgot to lock the door and turn on the alarm, i am so sorry!" i said. "Jace you need to be more responsible, do you understand me?" she asked Jace. I just sat there quietly. "Yes mother." Jace replied. "Now Niall i am putting you in charge. You got that?" she turned to me. "Yes Ma'am." i said back to her. "What do you think i am? Old? ha no. Call me Elle." she said to me and laughed. "Ok Elle." "Good job Niall, now i need to go to work. I am leaving you in charge Niall. I lock code is on the counter. Make sure you lock it the second i leave. "Ok Elle, will do." i said to her. When Mrs. Adamson left..i mean Elle i locked the door then turned around to Jace and we both burst out laughing. I then became really serious cause all i could do was think about this morning. I walked upstairs and went into my room and shut the door. 

Jace's P.O.V

I didn't really understand why Niall went upstairs, so i followed him up to his room. I just walked in, not thinking anything about it. He looked up at me from his bed. I went over to him and sat down on the floor. "Niall are you ok?" i asked him. he shook his head.. "Whats wrong?" i asked. "Umm...nothing..."he said with his head down. "Niall is it about this morning?" i asked. he nodded his head. "I am so sorry about this morning. I just lost it i don't know why, you were so sweet to me so thank you. Thank you for helping me." i said to him. "Jace it was all my fault i should have payed more attention to what i did last week. I should have been more awake this morning." his head still down. "No, Niall it wasn't what you did last week it was all me. It just was my week, i don't talk to anyone then and Im so sorry for interrupting your shower." i laughed. He looked up at me. "What do you mean your week- ohhhh..." "Yeah so I'm sorry." "Don't be sorry Jace." he said to me and kissed my cheek. I got all red. "So sorry about the whole not seeing a girl naked until your older thing." i said to him. He laughed. "Yeah don't worry about, my first time wasn't all that bad." "Hmm...well neither was mine." i said back to him and walked out of his room...

I went into my room and called Jaylee.~ "Hey Jay. You wanna come over for a sleepover?" "Hey Jace, i actually made plans with the rest of the crew. We all could have a sleepover? Movie night? Swim?" "Sounds good! Tell them all! Remember bring your swim suit! See you in 45!" "Bye Girl!" "See ya!" ~ Oh goodness i need to get ready! Snacks, sleeping bags, movies. "Niall get ready! Sleepover with the crew in 45 minutes!" i yelled to him upstairs. He walked downstairs. "Ok what should i do to get ready?" he asked. "Food!" i said to him. "YES" he yelled from the kitchen. ~45 minutes later~ There was a knock at the door. "Come in!" i yelled. "SOMEONE CALL FOR A PARTY!" they all yelled. "Come on in you guys! Lets get this party started!" Niall said from the kitchen. We turned up the music and danced and sang and talked pretty much all night long. "Game time guys!" yelled Harry over the music. "What game?" asked Kasi. "Truth or dare all the way!" said Eleanor. "YES!" yelled Louis. "Alrighty then, lets go sit." Danielle said. We all sat down in a big circle. Liam next to Danielle who sat next to Eleanor who sat next to Louis who sat next to Harry who sat next to Kasi who sat next to Jaylee who sat next to Zayn who sat next next to me and i sat next to Niall. "Me first." said Liam. "Alright, Niall truth or dare?" "Um dare?" Niall replied. "Hmmm....go over to the sink and spray yourself with the faucet." Liam said back. Niall got up and did exactly what Liam told him to do. "Alright my turn, Harry truth or dare?" asked Niall. "Hmmm...truth." he said back. "LAME!" yelled Louis. " Do you have any tattoos?" Niall asked. We all laughed. "Actually yes." he responded. We all gasped. "Where!" asked Liam. "My truth was if i had one not to show it. so my secret." Harry said and laughed. Kasi scrunched up her nose and pouted. "Oh Kasi,  i know you want Harry so badly!" Danielle said. We all laughed except for Harry and Kasi. "Guys you know that we are just friends!"Kasi said back quickly....too quickly.

Kasi's P.O.V

They new me and Harry were just friends. To be honest me and Harry did have a fling a few months ago and we decided never to talk about it. I did know where his tattoo was, it was on his hip. WE were caught in the moment, ok well we got caught in a month. Our fling went on for 1 month, it was one of the best months of my life even though they weren't to be spoken about to anyone. I talk to the girls about everything, this is so hard.

Liam's P.O.V

"Kasi?" we all yelled after she didn't respond after the first few times we said her name. She was totally zoned out i could tell. Something was on her mind, we all could tell. "Oh,what?" she asked while turning back to us. "Whats wrong?" Jace asked. "She's fine." Harry said, got up grabbing Kasi on the arm and walked out. We all just looked at each other like, what just happened?.

Harry's P.O.V

After what Kasi just said i was so mad. I got up and pulled Kasi outside and i shut the door behind us. I could tell everyone else was looking at us but i didn't really care, i needed to talk to Kasi that second. "Kasi what the heck was that?" I yelled. "Come on Harry, what am I supposed to do?" Kasi yelled back. "I thought we talked about not telling them!" I yelled back. My face was all red now from yelling. "I didn't say anything Harry. What is wrong with you?" she yelled back and pushed me backwards. I stumbled backwards and fell down onto the concrete. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU KASI?" I yelled at her and then she burst into tears. I had no clue what to do so i just stood up and held out my arms to give her a hug. That didn't really work out and she cried harder. I then started crying....not very manly i have to admit. "Harry stop it! Stand up right now and talk to me like a man." she said to me still sobbing.

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