That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


3. Friends forever

Jace's P.O.V

As we walked up to the garden in the shopping center, i saw Niall tense up. "You ok Niall?" i asked him. "Um well back at home, i was really shy and didn't really have very many friends."he replied. I turned to him and grabbed his shoulders. "Niall you got this. These people are just like me. Just talk to them the same way you talk to me." i told him very calmly. Then i gave him a great big hug. I knew that i probably shouldn't but i went for it anyways. 

Niall's P.O.V

"oo..ok, but I'm just scared." i replied. Then she hugged me. It was magnificent. As we pulled apart, she..she kissed my cheek. I got all red. She quickly turned around and blushed. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what got into me." she quickly go out. "Don't be we can talk about this later. Let's go find these friends of yours." I said to her. OH MY GOD! She kissed me. She kissed me. We continued to walk, until i saw a group of people sitting at a table eating some food. Im starving. 

Jace's P.O.V

OH MY GOD! What did i just do? I just kissed him. What got into me? I'm such a fool. "Hey guys! This is Niall, Niall this is Liam,Louis,Eleanor,Danielle,Kasi,Harry, Zayn, and Jaylee." i said to the group pointing towards Niall then to each of them. Niall just waved back to them. "HEY NIALL!" they yelled. "So Niall where are you here from?" Liam asked him. "Um well, Ireland." he replied. "Woah thats far man. Why did you come out to the states?" Louis asked. "Yeah it was a 29 hour flight. I got a lot of sleep in. I'm here because my mom thought that i needed a fresh start..before..."he said whiled trailing off. "I bet you got a lot of sleep! So is Jace treating you right? Feeding you okay?" Kasi asked. We sat down in the two empty chairs. "Ha yeah. Jace is good. Very Messy but good. Did you know that she can make a mean piece of toast?" he replied with a smile. "HA thats about the only thing she can make." Jaylee said. "GUYS! You know i can't cook!" i said to them while laughing. "Take some classes." Zayn told me. "Dig in everyone, i paid for the food. Now eat it!" Harry yelled at us. "Well then Mr. Sassy!" Louis blurted out. 

We all talked for about 5 hours, until closing time and it was dark out.

Niall's P.O.V

"Bye guys. It was great to meet you."I told them. Getting up with Jace and waving back to them. "BYE NIALL!" yelled Liam from like 1/2 mile away. "So what do you think about them?" Jace asked. "They are really nice. I don't know what i was thinking." i told her and laughed. "What?" "Its nothing its just you have cheese on your face." i told he. "OMG WHERE?" she screamed. "Stand still, i got it." I wiped it off her cheek. Her soft cheek. I'm going crazy right now, all i can think about was her kissing my cheek. "Um,Jace.." I muttered. "Yeah Niall? Oh yeah that..I'm sorry i don't know what got over me. It won't happen again." she said, looking away. She started to walk faster. I grabbed her arm and kissed her straight on the mouth. She kissed me back. She kissed me back! I put my arms around her waist and she started to play with my hair. We pulled away. 

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