That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


8. babe please

Jace's P.O.V

"Harry and Kasi has been out there for like 45 minutes" i said to the group. "Do you want me to check on them?" asked Louis. "I don't think so the seem really mad i wouldn't want to get into it." Liam replied. "Umm...I think Kasi just pushed him on the ground." Dani said. "WHAT?" gasped Eleanor. "Now they're crying, both of them." Jaylee said. "What the heck is going on between them?" Zayn asked. I just looked at Niall and he just shrugged. We had no clue what was going on. "Guys why don't we just return to our game without them, i think they need sometime to themselves." Louis said. "Wow babe, your serious." Eleanor said Louis. "I can be serious." Louis said back. We all laughed. "Ok fine, lets get back to the where were we?" Liam said. "I think it was your turn Dani." said Niall. "Yay, ok then Jace, truth or dare?" Dani asked. "Truth." i replied getting all excited. "What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?" she asked. I knew exactly what it was but i couldn't say, it would be so embarrassing for Niall, i couldn't do that to him. I got all red i could tell.. Everyone was just staring at me just waiting for my answer. "Oh i uh um-" i cut myself off and ran up the stairs to my room. 

Eleanor's P.O.V 

Dani's question didn't seem like it was crazy. I mean we knew everything about each other...well thats what we all thought. "I'll go see whats wrong." i said to everyone looking especially at Niall. Something was up we all knew it. I ran up stairs and went into Jace's room to talk to her. "Jace where are you?" i asked while looking around her room. "In here..." she replied. I crawled into her closet to find her. "What are you doing in here Jace?" "I cannot go out there and answer that question, i just can't..." she said getting all teary "Jace whats wrong, whats going on? What happened?" i asked her "I..I..I...can't tell you..." she said starting to bawl. "Jace is it that bad?" She nodded her head. "Come on you can tell me anything, i'm your best friend. "Know its just it's not just my secret..." she trailed off. "Who's secret is it?" i asked getting really worried. "Niall's." she looked up at me and muttered. "What then? Please tell me, your scaring me." i said to her. "Ok so you know the other day when i called you crying?" "Yeah, what about it?" i asked. "Um, well after that i went to go take a shower... and Niall was also gonna take a shower but i didn't know that because i didn't talk to him all last week...and well...he got int the shower and then i walked into the bathroom so zoned out not even hearing the shower water... and i too got in, and then.." she said to me crying... "WHAT! OH MY GOD JACE!" I yelled. 

Louis P.O.V

We were all talking except for Niall who didn't really talk after Jace ran upstairs. Harry and Kasi were still fighting out side about something we had no clue about and Jace running upstairs about no apparent reason. "Liam do you know what is going on with Jace? Did i do something wrong?" Dani asked getting all worried. "Babe you didn't do anything wrong, you know Jace fine one second crying the next. No one knows whats going on especially with Harry and Kasi." he said to her and holding out his arms for a hug. She went into his arms and held on. We all just looked at each other in confusion. All of our eyes darted upstairs when we heard Eleanor yell. "BABE WHAT'S WRONG"I yelled. "Nothing, we will be down in a few minutes...go make some popcorn..i'm hungry." she said back to me so i proceeded to do that. 

Jace P.O.V

"I know El its a lot to take didn't stop there...after he saw me i just started crying and i collapsed on the floor. He picked me up and grabbed a towel for me and put me on the floor next to the shower, while he finished his shower i just continued to cry. After he finished he wrapped himself up and carried me to my closet and got me some clothes and helped me get dressed. It was really sweet." i told her. "Wow...i don't really know what to say you have only known this guy for like 3 weeks?" El replied. "Yeah its a lot to take in...can we just go back downstairs." i said to her wiping my eyes. "Ok, lets go." she said and locked arms with me. We walked down the stairs and everyone looked at me. I just looked at Niall and nodded my head to notion that i needed to tell them. He nodded back. "I need to tell them." i said to Eleanor. "Jace you don't have to." "El yes i do." Im really worried about what they will say....My eyes are all puffy and they all seem really worried so i know that i have to tell them..

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