That Year

Jace new that there was going to be one of her moms friends sons, going to be living with them for the year. What she didn't know is how fast she would fall for him. The story of Jace and Niall begins here.


1. Seeing it

I was woken up by my mom who told me she had to go to the airport to go pick up Niall. She told me that i need to get up and clean the house before he arrived. The only thing i knew about him was that he was blonde and he was 15, just like me.

~Later that day~

Jace's P.O.V

The moment he walked into the door. He had his head down, staring at the floor. He seemed really distant. The moment he looked up at me, i just got lost in his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes. WAIT WHAT WAS I SAYING! I haven't even exchanged one word with this boy. "Hi Niall." I said. 

Niall's P.O.V

When i walked through the door to this brand new house, that i have never seen before, and all i could do was look at the floor, the bloody floor. The second i looked up, i saw this angel. She was beautiful. "Hi, Jace."I replied. After that small exchange of words i grabbed my bags and walked up the stairs. I found my room, it was the one that was green and had a sign on the door with my name on it. I sat on the bed and just looked around. Jace came up the stairs and walked into my room unannounced and with no knock. It's not like i really cared. "Hey" she said in a soft tone. "Hi" i mumbled. "I know your kinda feeling like an outsider, its ok. Um well do you need anything? a blanket? Food?" she asked. Yeah i was hungry but i didn't want to ask her for any food. Not right now. "Um yeah, where is the bathroom?" I asked. "Well to be honest there is only one upstairs, its down the hall to the left. It also has the closets in there. Thats why there is not closet in here."she explained. "Oh well is there any privacy in this shared bathroom?" i asked getting all red. "Yeah Niall, there is a little bit of privacy. The closets are closed off, there are two of them, but the bathroom is very very open is that going to be a problem?" she explained to me. I felt like i was getting all red. I was going to be sharing a bathroom with a very beautiful girl that i just met. "Yeah i think so, but what about showering and going to the toilet?" i whispered. "Oh yeah that! Well i mean I'm not ashamed with my body. So i don't really care. But if its a problem for you then, i guess i can use my moms bathroom downstairs." she replied quite loudly. She is quite loud. Of course she isn't ashamed of her body, her body is so fit. "No its not problem at all, its fine. I just...well yeah." I said. "You never seen a girl naked?" she asked. Wow was as he forward. I just met this girl and she is already talking about...yeah... I glanced up at her and gave her a soft smile. 

Jace's P.O.V

Did i just say that? really? Naked girls? Why would i say that to him. Now he probably thinks I'm some crazy lunatic. "Well umm...i'll try not to ruin that for you." i said and quickly walked out of his room. Right before i walked out of his room i turned around and said, "Well dinner is in 30 minutes, we are eating pizza." I went back to my room and flopped onto my floor and sighed. Before i knew it, it was already dinner time and my mom was calling me downstairs. I walked downstairs to find Niall already sitting at the able with 7 pieces of pizza on his plate. Next to him was my mom. I sat across from him. And he looked at me over and over. We didn't talk, but i think it was because of what i said earlier. Oops.

Niall's P.O.V

We just sat there in silence and ate our food. I kept looking at her, over and over. I really hope she hadn't noticed. I just couldn't help it. After dinner i went upstairs and sat on my bed, and turned on the TV that was in my room. "Hey Niall, do you mind if i come in and watch with you? I don't have a TV in my room and this is where i normally watch." she asked. "Yeah take a seat." i replied. "Thank you." she said and sat down. As she sat down her shorts rode up a bit and i saw a heart on the back of her thigh. Did i just imagine that? "Um Jace, i know this sounds weird but do you have a tattoo?" i quickly asked. She stood up. I think i upset her, but then she closed the door and turned around. "Can you keep a secret?" she asked. "Yes." "Well to tell you the truth, no. But i do want one, some day. I draw that heart on there every day for good luck." she slowly said. She pulled up her shorts to show me the whole thing. "Do you like it?" she asked. "Its different." i replied. "Yeah well it is, and i know that i'm only 15 but i want to be a model, when I'm older, so well yeah." she explained. "You would be a great model." i told her. "Awe thanks." she said and smiled. Of course she would make a great model, she is beautiful. But i would never tell her that..

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