Love Me

Christina and her band 'Wild Ones' try out for x factor. When they make it to boot camp, One Direction appear as the special guests. Will One Direction fancy Wild Ones? Read on to find out.


5. Yours

Harry's POV
As soon as I we got back to Lou's house to hang out, I got my phone out and texted Christina.
From: Le Sexy Curly Beast
To:Christina <3
Hi Christina ;)xx

Almost immediately I got a response.

From: Christina <3
To: Le Sexy Curly Beast
Call me Chrissy :) Whats with the name? XD

From: Le Sexy Curly Beast
To: Christina <3
Haha. I like to think of it that way ;) xx. Want to grab a coffee?

From:Christina <3
To: Le Sexy Curly Beast
Sure. What time will you pick me up?xx

From: Le Sexy Curly Beast
To: Christina <3
I'll pick you up at 12pm. See you then ;)xx

Christina's POV
"Mum I'm going out at 12," I shouted downstairs. "Ok honey! Have fun!" Mum replied. I looked at the time, 11:50. Crap! I quickly put on a blue blouse with ripped skinny jeans and blue flats. I tied my hair in a messy bun. I put blue eyeshadow with black eyeliner and red lipstick. KNOCK KNOCK. I grabbed my phone, ran downstairs and opened the door. He was wearing skinny jeans, a grey singlet and a blue beanie and looked like he came out of heaven. "Hey beautiful," he said. My cheeks turned scarlet red. "You don't look too bad yourself," I replied, finding my feet very interesting. I locked the door behind me and hopped in his black Range Rover. I was looking out te window but I could feel him looking over at me. We arrived and I hopped out. We entered the shop and sat down. A waiter came and served us.
"Hi what would you li- OMG Harry Styles! May I have an autograph?" She said jumping up and down. "Sure love," Harry chuckled signing her shirt. "May I please have a latte?" I asked. "Same with the lady," Harry continued. "Coming right up!" She said still jumping up and down. "So are you a directioner?" "Yeah but I'm not one of those physco ones, I just enjoy listening to your music a lot," "Haha yeah, some directioners can get pretty crazy an dedicated sometimes. This one time a girl stalked me throughout our 2011 tour!" I giggled. He stared into my eyes smirking. "What?" "Your giggle is so sweet. I blushed an found my feet interesting once again. "But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell..." He sang. Our lattes came and we finished them quickly. "You wanna come to my house?" Harry asked. "Sure!" So we left and hopped in his car again. The whole car ride was silet until we arrived. Harry knocked and this sweet looking middle aged woman opened the door. "Hi sweetheart, my name is Anne and I am Harry's mum," "Hey mum" Harry said. I smiled at Anne and followed Harry up to his room. It was gorgeous. It had cream walls with white carpet. In his room he had nothing other than a king sized bed, a closet and a table holding his Mac. He closed the door and locked it. We both sat on the bed and looked in each others eyes. He leaned forward and I did as well until our lips met. I felt sparks everywhere. Our lips were moving with sync as he slowly laid on top of me taking my top and bra off. He moved his lips down in between my bra and moved down till my jeans. He slowly took my jeans and panties off as I took his shirt and pants off. He helped me pull his boxers off. He clutched my hair thrusting in me. I groaned. He then laid down next to me. "Wow," Harry said. "Does this mean your mine?" I'm all yours Harry" I said winking. I got off the bed and put my clothes on, him doing it as well. "Want me to drop you off?" Harry asked. "Sure babe." We hopped in the Range Rover and he drove me home. Today was the best day of my life.
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