Love Me

Christina and her band 'Wild Ones' try out for x factor. When they make it to boot camp, One Direction appear as the special guests. Will One Direction fancy Wild Ones? Read on to find out.


3. Boot Camp

*One week later*
Brittany's POV
I unlocked my iPhone 5 that I got as a Christmas present and turned off the alarm. I was confused why my alarm was set too early at 6:00am. I remembered that today was boot camp day so I shot out of bed and took a long cold shower. I dried my blonde hair and put it in a messy bun. I opened my closet and picked out a blue sweater and my black skinny jeans, I then put on my blue flats. I put on blue eyeshadow with black eyeliner and mascara and also hot pink lipstick. For a finishing touch I put on my lucky bracelet. I grabbed my phone of my makeup table and skipped downstairs to the door. "Bye!" I shouted and ran out the door. I hopped in my Audi (my dad is a lawyer so he is loaded) and drove to the same arena as the audition place. The same lady as before led me to a room where I found my band and other bands as well. We were waiting to find out who will be our mentor. "Who do you think it'll be?" Rebecca asked. "Dunno" Kayla replied. After what seemed like forever we heard footsteps and in came Simon. We all applauded and had a huge group hug. "I will be your mentor through out your X factor experience. Today you need to pick a song and perform it to me and my special guests. Only 6 groups will make it so try your best. See you all on soon," Simon said before walking to the other room next door. "What song should we do?" Ellie asked. "We can do Little Things by One Direction, we already know that one," I suggested. Every agreed and we started practicing. Little did we know we would be performing it to One Direction themselves.
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