Love Me

Christina and her band 'Wild Ones' try out for x factor. When they make it to boot camp, One Direction appear as the special guests. Will One Direction fancy Wild Ones? Read on to find out.


2. Auditioning

Ellie's POV

"Hi girls! Put these tags on and follow me," She called. We followed her to the side of the stage and she told us the instructions of what to do. After what seemed like seconds, it was our turn and we walked on the stage. There were like hundreds of people there! "What are your names?" Simon Cowell asked. "This is Brittany, Rebecca, Ellie, Kayla and I am Christina. Together we are Wild Ones and we are going to sing Wings by Little Mix" Christina said in her microphone. "You can start when you are ready," Simon replied. The song came on and all the lyrics just flowed out of our mouths. We finished and bowed. All of the judges and the audience were standing up clapping and literally screaming. We all looked at each other with happiness. Once the crowd calmed down the judges started talking. All of the judges gave us compliments and we got three yes'! We all ran off stage and had a huge group hug. We went outside and Kayla's mum was waiting for us by her Holden. "We made it through to boot camp!" Rebecca literally screamed. We all had another group hug and hopped in Kayla's mum's car and started singing along to the radio. "Where to?" Kayla's mum asked. "Burger King!" We all shouted in unison. It was the best day of our lives.
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