Lies, Love, and Life

Avalon Reid's mother was put in jail, for attempt murder, but it wasn't her. It was here abusive husband, Spencer, who tried to murder her. Since he couldn't abuse her mother, he started to abuse Avalon. She needs to run away, she's now always been locked from the outside world. One day she does, but is too shy to ask anyone for help. What happens when Niall Horan of One Direction takes her in?


2. Hotel Arrival

I try not to be mean, but I don't trust anyone really, only my friend Laney. Though, I haven't seen them in a while since my dad had me drop out of school.

Like I said, I try not to be mean, so whenever someone asks me if I'm okay, seeing the scar I got today, that's still bloody, I nod and walk faster.

My phone vibrates. I take it out of my bag and see it is a unknown number.

"Hm" I say, about to answer the phone.

"H-Hello?" I say.

"Hi, Karlee?" I hear a British accent say.

"No, s-sorry this is A/Avalon." I say.

"Oh ok, sorry," He replies. "Well goodbye, love."

I hung up the phone. Was that who I thought it was? Was that, Harry Styles? No, Avalon, your acting crazy. Probably loss of blood from Spencer's knife.

Ugh, Spencer.

As I put my phone away, I spot a hotel. Looks more like a motel, if you ask me, but apparently it's five stars.


I start to head across the street when I hit my bad ankle on the side street. Crap. Now I have to hop on one foot.

I reach the hotel, opening the door very willingly. It's a lot harder with one foot you know.

I finally open the first one, and try my hardest for the second. I see a blonde haired, ice blue eyed, boy coming towards me.

Please don't take pity on me.

He opens the door and let's out a smile, his white teeth showing.

"T-Thanks." I said to him, as I slightly smiled and headed for the desk.

"One room o-overnight please." I shyly say to the lady at the desk.

"50 dollars." She replied, in a trying-to-be-plain accent. Doesn't really work out for her.

I dig in my purse. I only have 20.

"Uh-" I get cut off my the blonde guy who helped me.

"Here." He smiled and handed me 50 dollars.

"B-but.." I say to him.

"Just take it" he says, heading back to his seat that he was sitting in.

I hand the lady the money and she gives me a key.

"Um, also where are the bathrooms?"

She points to a hallway next to the chairs.

"Go down that hallway, and take a left. The bathrooms will be on your right."

"Thanks" I walk to the bathrooms.

When I reach the bathroom, I take my hoodie down to touch my scar.

I walk into the bathrooms and look at myself. I have scars all over my neck and shoulder.


I quickly use the toilet, wash my hands and face, and quickly dry myself.

I look in the mirror again, and half smile. Then I step out the door and take the left into the hallway.


Who do you think she bumped into? Will the person be mad? What do you think will happen next?

*Author's Note* I see you guys are liking my story! I've had 11 views and I'm very happy! I'll try to update to 3 later in the day! :)
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