Lies, Love, and Life

Avalon Reid's mother was put in jail, for attempt murder, but it wasn't her. It was here abusive husband, Spencer, who tried to murder her. Since he couldn't abuse her mother, he started to abuse Avalon. She needs to run away, she's now always been locked from the outside world. One day she does, but is too shy to ask anyone for help. What happens when Niall Horan of One Direction takes her in?


3. Cupcake

I step back in shock. 

"I-I'm so s-sorry." I say, looking down. 

"It's okay, I'm perfectly fine." I hear his strong accent say. I start to shake. I need to get to my room, I quietly tell myself.

"Are you okay?" he asks, as puts his finger on the bottom of my chin and pushes upward, so I look at him. It's him. The money boy.

"W-well, I.... I.... I-I'm fine." I say, my eyes locked on his ice-blue eyes. They look so innocent, I think. Should I trust him? 

"You look worried, and unsafe."

I burst out crying, and he hugged me. Not thinking, I hugged him back tightly. I felt safe in his arms, like I've known him forever, and I knew everything about him. 

"Shh.. It's okay. Can you tell me what's happening?" he convinced me. Trust him, no one else. I heard that voice in my head. 

"P-pinky, promise y-you won't tell?" I finally advanced to say to him. 

"Cross my heart, and hope to die, stick a cupcake in my eye." he smiled, when he said cupcake

I smiled a little, too. He wiped my tears. 

"Cupcake?" I asked.

"Cupcake." he said taking my hand.

"Before I tell you, let's go to my r-room." I tell him, slowly crying now.

He takes a look at my room key and leads me to my room, still my hand interlocked with his. 

"How do you know where my room is?" *sniffle* I say.

"It's a couple doors down from mine. Your 213 and I'm 216. " He replies, looking at me."

"Oh, okay." I quietly say.

"Here, c'mon, love." he says, "We need to head  up the stairs." 

We climb up the stairs and make it to the 2nd floor. We walk little ways, since the numbers on the doors starts at 243 from the staircase. I stop in front of my room door, and take my hand out of his grasp. I dread that moment. I grab the keys and open the door. 

"Not bad." I say, walking in, mystery boy following.

I put my bag down on the diamond patterned carpet, and sat on the edge of one of the beds. He sat on the edge of the bed right across from me. 

"Name?" I say.

"Niall." he says. 

"Avalon" I say.

"So, your story?" Niall says. 

"Oh, yeah, well...."



I'll update tomorrow guys! 

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