Lies, Love, and Life

Avalon Reid's mother was put in jail, for attempt murder, but it wasn't her. It was here abusive husband, Spencer, who tried to murder her. Since he couldn't abuse her mother, he started to abuse Avalon. She needs to run away, she's now always been locked from the outside world. One day she does, but is too shy to ask anyone for help. What happens when Niall Horan of One Direction takes her in?


1. Run, and Don't Stop.


I sit on my old bed, sobbing my eyes out. I hold the last picture, of my mother. She was put in jail for something that wasn't ever her. It was my father. He lied to make sure he didn't go to prison, and I'm left with him. 

"AVALON, GET OVER HERE NOW!" screamed my father, Spencer. I'd rather not call him my father. I walk to him and he looks intense. I see his knife in his hand and I shiver with anxiety. 

"Sit your butt down right there you slut." he demands, as he plays with the knife in his fingertips. 

So I do as told, and he kneels in front of me and puts his knife - hand on my shoulder, as he starts to point the blade on my shoulder and advances to rip my skin.

I let out a wimp, a high wimp.

"Aww, poor Avalon, suck it up." he continues to cut me with the knife. It's really deep, and it hurts like hell. I'm wimping crazily, but silently.


My father turns, with the knife still in my neck cutting and dripping with blood. 

"STAY!" he shouts at me, " I'm checking that noise." 

That means he has to run downstairs. Maybe I can escape. He takes the knife with him, as I watch him go down the stairs. I bounce off the chair, light on my feet, to my room. I grab the bag filled with extra clothes, just pajamas and a extra outfit, money, and my cellphone. I open my window and jump out. I land on my knees, hurting my foot, but I run, as far as I can. My father is running into my room as I look back, and he shouts at me. 

"AVALON! I FILL FIND YOU! SO TRY TO RUN, BUT YOU CANT HIDE!" I sprint faster, he hopped out of the window, but landed in the mini ditch.

That's how I just hurt my ankle, there was a rock sticking out and bam, I hit it. 

I stop and take a napkin out of my bag and wipe my cu. Then, I keep running, as I limp my left leg, as long as I can. I finally reach the city, but the more abandoned part. It took about a half an hour, but I made it and I'm happy. 

We live in the country part of North-West part of California, and it's about 4 miles from the city. And before I was abused and my mother went to jail a few weeks ago, I would run all the time. It was what I loved, so I'm pretty fast.

I felt moist drops of water on my palms and the back of my neck. Rain. I pulled my hoodie up on my head, and walked until I found a hotel. Atleast, I'm away from him. 



Author's Note: So here's my new movella, I hope you guys like it :) Thanks! xx ~Author<3 


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