Asia, Gabby, and Kiersten meet One Direction, and the group become fast friends. The boys have a month off in the winter, so they decide to get to know the girls better. Love, friendship, and broken spirits.


2. Meeting the band.

He smiled and stopped me in front of a door. "Warning, they're going to love you." I cocked my eyebrow as Paul swung the door open. I heard an excited yelp and an irish accent yell, "IS THAT THE FOOD!?"
Five heads peeped around the corner, eyes locking to the tray in my hand, but their eyes shifted to my face.
"WHO is THAT?!" Harry asked, somewhat astonished. I put the tray of food down on a table to my left, and popped my hip once my posture was back.
"I'm you worst nightmare." I laughed and Paul pushed me forward, putting the other tray down as well.
"Her name is Asia." Paul chuckled, resting a hand on my shoulder.
"Asia..." Niall mumbled, "That's a pretty name."
I felt a seeping warmth spread across my face, and knew I was blushing as I thanked him. All eyes were glued to me, so I nodded my head in the direction of the two trays.
"You boys going to eat?"
Their eyes widened more, and a collection of "oh yeah"s sounded as they huddled around the food. Liam pulled away, a mouth full of nachos, and he tried to say something through the food barricade.
"Come again?"
"Do you know Paul? Is that why he brought you?" Paul laughed a bit more, explaining that I had rushed to help him with the trays before I even knew who he was.
"That was very kind of you!" Zayn stated with a smile.
"Very nice." Louis stated, wrapping a finger around one of my curls. "You have hair like Harry's!"
I smirked, a line popping into my head. "Yeah, green eyes, curly hair, cheeky personalities? We could be seperated at birth!" I mimicked the look of thinking, shrugged, "BUT, then most of my thoughts would be incest."
Harry's mouth dropped, then laughed loudly. Paul was in fits of hysteria by my side...then the other 4 boys fell over in hysterics.
"I like her!" Niall said, choking on air. I was proud of myself, saying that I had the line planned. "It was genius!" Niall stuttered, still laughing.
"Your hair reminds me of...Danielle." Liam mumbled suddenly. Zayn's hand automatically rested on Liam's shoulder, comforting him. I knew about the break-up of course, and I thought he would be gutted about it, but he was smiling.
"Did you come here on your own?" Zayn asked, gesturing toward  where the stage most likely was. I shook my head , explaining that I came with my two best friends, and that we had exchanged our seats for front row.
"What seats are they?" Paul questioned.
"We're 9, 10 & 11."
"Hey Gar, you mind grabbing the two girls in section FL, row 1, seats 9 and 10? Bring them backstage," Paul ordered into his walkie talkie. A staticy 'Can do' responded and I suddenly had a prank I wanted to pull. I explained to the boys, and they hid silently.

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