Asia, Gabby, and Kiersten meet One Direction, and the group become fast friends. The boys have a month off in the winter, so they decide to get to know the girls better. Love, friendship, and broken spirits.


3. Bonding Time.

Soon enough, the two girls entered the room to see only me, sitting on the couch.
"ASIA!" Gabby yelled, running to me, "Why are we back here?"
"ARE THEY HERE!?" Kiersten yelled, her volume escalating more than I thought it could.
"The boys are late." Paul mumbled, shaking his head.
"I told Paul here, that us three know all the lyrics...we're going to be opening for the boys until they get here!"
Kiersten's eyes looked like they were going to rip open from how wide they were. "I don't sing." She stated, an awkward terror cracked in her voice.
Gabby's eyes squinted at a curtain in the far corner...there were feet sticking out of the bottom. She looked to me, a quick wink telling me she knew. "Hand me a mic!" she said excitedly. She began belting the WRONG lyrics into the mic as she walked toward the curtain. "I don't know that i'm gay yet!" she cracked, singing to the beat of What Makes You Beautiful. The feet below the fabric started shifting.
"WRONG!"  Louis shouted, bursting from the window, almost collapsing over the singer. He took the mic from her hands, pointed at her and mouthed 'No' before they both fell over, close to tears from laughing so hard.
"Way to go Lou." Zayn smirked, appearing from around the corner.
The other boys all started apparating from their hiding spots. Niall came out from under the ottoman in front of a chair, Harry from behind the snack table...but no Liam.
"What the!?" Kiersten yelped as hands covered her eyes. Liam had been behind the door. "Who is this?" she giggled, feeling out in front of her.
"YOU'RE MY FAVORITE DEPUTY!" Liam shouted, imitating Woody from Toy Story. Kiersten's entire body froze as Liam's hands dropped and she slowly turned. The pair locked eyes and were gone.
"Liam? Li? You okay?" Niall was poking his friend in the shoulder, but the boy didn't budge...Kiersten wouldn't budge either.
"Looks like a job for..." I began dramatically, jumping between the two, "COCKBLOCKER!" Kiersten and Liam shook their heads, as if leaving a trance, and they smiled.
"We've got," Harry peered at his watch and smiled a bit, "17 minutes until showtime."
"What do you guys want to do then?" Gabby questioned, a smile plastered on her face as she observed each person in the room.
"Let's play truth or dare." Zayn stated, no question in his voice. All of us nodded and created a circle. I pulled up the truth or dare app on my phone and we began.
"Louis, truth or dare?" Niall asked, already clicking dare as Louis gave him a 'What do YOU think?' look. "It says, I dare you to do your best Jennifer Lopez impersonation." Louis scoffed, the dare being exceedingly easy.
A high pitched screech escaped his throat as he jumped up and started shaking his butt. The lyrics to 'Hit the Floor' came out in sloppy and pitchy phrases.
As the laughs calmed down he went to Harry, "Truth or dare, Curly?" Harry picked dare as well. "It says, Sing the first song that comes to your head when you look to the person on your left." Harry turned to me, knitted his eyebrows and started laughing.
"What song you got, Giggles?" I asked, a smile creeping up on my lips.
"Let's get it onnnnn," Harry began. My eyes became the size of dinner plates and a crack voiced in my throat before the fits of laughter came. "Blame your incest line!" Harry said, his eyes sparkling with somewhat of a mischief.
"Asia, truth or dare?" Harry then asked, my answer being dare. "It says, Kiss the person on your left on the nose?" Harry, lifted a brow and I saw Niall blush bright red to my left. I felt my cheeks start burning.
"Do you mind?" I asked timidly. Niall shook his head no, still the color of a tomato. I placed a quick peck on the tip of his nose, and heard Harry huff his breath.
"Jealous much?" Liam teased.
"Beyond." The curly haired boy smirked. I quickly changed the subject, asking Liam.
"Truth..." he seemed anxious, but I knew Liam wasn't as daring as the rest of the group.
"It says, Describe each person in the group with one word."
He pointed to each of us in turn, Louis being 'Mental', Niall being 'Adorable', Gabby being 'Kind', Harry being 'Cheeky', Zayn being 'Mysterious'...then me.
"I don't know...LARRY! Because you're personality resembles Louis and Harry's...and Niall's...LARRIALL!"
He turned to Kiersten last, a pink tint slowly spreading from his ears to the center of his face. The answer was almost a whisper.
Liam's face quickly flushed and Kiersten's smile didn't look comfortable is was so big.
"Do I have to cockblock again?" I openly asked the group. The game went along, Niall having to play the rest of the game shirtless due to a dare, Louis telling his true fear, and then...
"Asia, truth or dare?" Louis had somehow been finding the worst dare each time he asked others, so I chickened out and called for truth.
"It says, pick a favorite person between who is on your right and your left."
Harry and Niall were on my left and right...
"Gabby!" I shouted pointing to the other side of my curly companion. Louis just shook his head. "Hey she IS on my right!"
"Harry or Niall, Asia." Zayn prodded. My face turned maroon and right before I was going to speak, Paul came in.
We were quickly shuffled back to our seats, agreeing to come back backstage after the show.




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