They Don't Know About Us

My name is Maddy Tomlinson. I'm 18 years old and I have long straight brown hair, emerald green eyes and I'm fairly tall. As you can probably guess by my surname I am related to Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. He's my older brother. I also have one younger sister, Charlotte. When my brother was put in One Direction we got to meet the rest of his band mates who would so often come over and hang. I always thought they were all very fit and good looking. Especially Liam. He would always kinda tease me and flirt with me when he came over. I've had a crush on him since I first laid eyes on him.


5. What to do...

Maddy's P.O.V.

I was woken up by a kiss on the forehead. I looked up to see Liam staring down at me. He lent down and kissed me softly on the lips. "ugh, what time is it?" I groaned. "10 am" he laughed. He was standing on the side of the bed in some boxers and a plain white t-shirt. "Everyone left. It's just you me, Lou, Eleanor and Lottie." He smiled. I threw he duvet covers down and rolled off the bed. I stood up slowly and lent on Liam closing my eyes again. " ugh, I'm so tired." I mumbled. "You're cute when you're tired though." he smirked.


"This sucks" his expression changed into a sad one. "What does?" I asked confused. "Having to keep us quiet. I wish we could be together in front of everyone." he said sadly. "I know Liam but they can't know about us. Louis wont approve, and I don't think management will think to highly of us, considering I'm Louis' sister and you didn't break up with Danielle too long ago." I said my face turning to the floor. "Maddy lets not bring Danielle into this. It wasn't even real between us. She was cheating on me the whole time we were dating and management let me leave her. I want to be with you. I always wanted you. With Lou though I don't know how we can handle that. He would have to except it sooner or later and whats the worst management could do?" He said hopefully. "Um they could could ban us from seeing each other!" I said angrily, tears forming in my eyes. "Liam I cant lose you... you mean too much to me."


Liam's P.O.V.

I hugged her and wiped away a tear that fell down her cheek. "And you wont lose me Maddy..." I mumbled into her hair. I patted her on the back and released from the hug. I kissed her on the lips and started walking out of the room. "C'mon let's go get some breakfast." I smiled. "Okay but ill give it five minutes so Louis wont suspect anything." She replied sitting on the bed and picking up her phone. I walked out of the room and down the hall into the lounge room where Louis and Eleanor were sitting together. I smiled and said good morning as i walked past them to the kitchen. "Morning" they said in unison. I walked into the kitchen, got out a plate and flicked the toaster on. I was buttering the toast when I heard someone walk in the kitchen behind me. I then heard Maddy's voice say " Put a piece on for me please Liam?". "Sure" I smiled.


I finished buttering my toast when another piece popped up. I grabbed it and buttered it and handed it on a plate to Maddy who was sitting on the counter. When she finished her toast I was washing up my plate so i grabbed hers and washed it too. She walked out of the kitchen and I followed.


Maddy's P.O.V.

I leant on the back of the couch and bent forward so my face was upside down, facing Louis. "What are you doing today?" I asked him. He pushed my face up and I felt an arm brush mine as Liam leant on the couch beside me. "Well me and El were going to take a road trip up to her parents house for maybe a week. Is that okay with you guys?" Louis replied. "Okay then. When were you thinking of leaving?" I said. "Well we have a bag packed so we'll leave in about an hour." "Okay" I smiled. "Wow don't look so sad!" He laughed. "Oh no, I'm heartbroken. Im actually shocked that you're not assigning me a bodyguard to watch me." I said shocked. "Well see He's no bodyguard but I was hoping Liam could watch you and Lottie?" He said turning to Liam who was still positioned beside me. "No problem." Liam smiled back at Lou. "But... No funny business." Louis' expression changed from happy to stern. I blushed and El laughed and said "Leave them alone silly." and playfully punched him in the arm. I looked over at Liam who had his head down. It got really quiet so i broke the silence and said "Im going to go and have a shower and get ready. If i'm not out by the time you leave then have a good time." I smiled. I walked around the front of the couch and gave Lou and El a hug. "Be safe!" I yelled as I walked ran up the stairs into my bedroom.


I entered my bedroom and opened the cupboard door. I picked out a pair of hot pink trackies and a white singlet. and walked into my ensuite. I turned the shower on and washed myself. I stood there for a minute just thinking. until I heard a knock on my bathroom door. "Who is it?" I asked. "Lottie. Where is Lou?" I heard her ask. "He went with El to her parents" I yelled back. "Okay." she replied as I turned off the shower and hopped out. I got dressed and tied my hair up in a messy bun on the top of my head and put some light foundation and mascara on. I went back downstairs and Liam was sitting on the couch in dark blue trackies and a white t-shirt. I ran down the rest of the steps and jumped on the couch beside him. He was sitting up straight and I ended up with my head in his lap. He bent down and kissed me on the lips. I sat up and got on his lap facing him and kissed him again. When Lottie walked down the stairs "ew guys you gotta stop doing that while i'm around. You know I wont tell Lou but that doesn't mean I enjoy watching it. Get a room." She said disgusted and walked into the kitchen. I felt Liam smile against my lips and I kissed him again.




Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in so long i've been busy with school. I just started school holidays so I will start writing the next chapter tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe danielle could come and interfere or something but I don't have many Ideas, so if you have any you want to share you can kik me at maddygrace1D or DM me on twitter- My name is @niamfeelsss. Anyway enjoy the chapter. ~Maddy :)x


P.s. Is it just me or does anyone else not get notified when another fanfiction is updated?





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