Just kinda a diary so i can express my feelings and no one knows it's me.


1. Past things

I'm a dancer and had a performance and came to school with my stage makeup on (cause i couldn't take it off because i had a show later.). So i was sitting in my elective with my friend Casper and Madison and this girl Bailey gave me a weird look probably about my stage make up. So nautrally (me having anger issues) said something to her. My teacher said me and the 8th grade were so rude words can't even describe it. so i just didn't say anything back. At the end of the day we were sitting in the gym and my mom came in to talk my teachers about something and she talked to the teacher (the one that said we were rude) and she didn't say anything about it to my mom. So i didn't think anything of it. So the next day in 3rd period I got called down to the office so i thought my mom dropped something off i forgot but no the assistant principal and the guidance counselor were there and called me into their office. They told me about the Bailey thing and i said yes i did it and then they brought up a thing that happened like 3 months ago and saying that i have been rolling my eyes at teachers (which i don't you can ask any of my friends i do not!) and that just makes me mad because they said that Bailey is so nice and sweet. Um, no she is not she told me that i wouldn't be aloud to see her newborn baby sister because i would be mean to her. Yes, I would be mean to a new born baby obviously that makes total sense. so ya thats what happened at school.

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