In Love

Sam, Ciara, Megan, Alyssa, and Bella all love one direction. They are at the mall when Megan bumps into Zayn Malik from one direction and they start to talk and Megan and her sisters end up staying at Zayns and Nialls flat when all the guys are there too so what'll happen will Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Harry fall for the girls or will they not even be able to stand them. Read it to find out


7. Truth or dare part 2

I had finished telling them and Louis was holding me because I had started crying. "It's ok love, I would neve do that to you." "I know. Can we finish the game now." "Yes it's your turn." "Ok. Ummm Liam truth or dare." "Umm. Truth." Liam said and all the guys groaned the. Lou whispered to me "He always does truth." "Liam is it true you're scared to pick dare?" "NO!" He yelled "Hey no yelling at Bella." "Sorry Bella." "Is ok Liam." I said "Them why don't you choose dare Liam?" Alyssa asked because I mouthed it to her. "I don't know back to the game. Ummm Zayn truth or dare?" "Dare." "Ok. Umm I dare you to tell Megan how you feel about her." For a boy who dosent do dares he sure can dare I thought. "Ok. Umm Megan I think you're really pretty." I saw Liam whisper something to Alyssa and then she smiled and mouthed He likes her he texted Liam and told him. "And" Liam said "and I really like you." He said. All the girls awwwed and Harry, Niall, and Louis groaned. Sam looked at Niall like excuse me? He just looked at her and pecked her on the lips and she stopped. Ciara looked at Harry like Oh no you didn't. Harry whispered something to her and she smiled. I looked at Louis like I won't go on that date and he said "Ok ok I take it back." After Zayn had said that Megan was in shock and did t move. "What happened?" Zayn asked "Oh she's shocked and she won't move but I can get her out of it." I said "Ok." Zayn said "I have Starbucks Megan." "What where?" She said everyone started to laugh. After the laugh attack Megan looked at Zayn and smiled then she lent in and kissed him he was shocked at first but then he kissed her back i looked over at Liam and he looked victorious. After all that we resumed the game Zayn asks Alyssa who she liked and she said Liam. Alyssa dared Sam to slap someone and she slapped Harry it was so funny. While Sam was thinking about who to ask I mouthed Do Ciara. "Ciara truth or dare?" "Umm dare." "Ok I dare you to kiss anyone but Harry." "WHAT!!!" Harry yelled at Sam. Niall said "HARRY don't yell at my princess." I saw Sams face light up. "Fine but does it matter?" "Yes it has to be his hest mate." Lou looked at me and I whispered "sits ok Lou-Boo." Then Ciara came over to Lou and kissed him for 2 seconds and Harry came over to her and pulled her off and said "Ok games over." As he was leaving with Ciara I knew he was pissed when they were gone we all started laughing I guess truth or dare is over.
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