In Love

Sam, Ciara, Megan, Alyssa, and Bella all love one direction. They are at the mall when Megan bumps into Zayn Malik from one direction and they start to talk and Megan and her sisters end up staying at Zayns and Nialls flat when all the guys are there too so what'll happen will Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Harry fall for the girls or will they not even be able to stand them. Read it to find out


16. They find out

Alyssa's p.o.v I was the only one who was up by the time Bella got back from her date, but I didn't say anything to her when she came in. When she came in I was on the couch spying on her she seemed really happy. What was she hiding? I couldn't ask so I just went up to my room and went to sleep. ********************************   When I woke up I went to see if Bella was awake and she was. "Hey Bella how was your date with Lou?" "GAH!! Oh hi Alyssa. It was fun. Imma gonna go see who else is up bye." Why did she seem so worried? Hmmm? Well I went down to the kitchen and everyone was up asking Bella questions about her date but she won't reveal anything. "Sam I need to talk to you." I said "Coming" she replied and we went up to her room "So what's up?" She asked "Bella seems really quiet and that's not like her it's weird." I stated "Yeah she does seem quiet." "Hmmmm." I said with a smirk "Oh no I know that face what are you going to do." Sam said "Well I'm going to snoop in her phone when she gets in the shower." "That's it? Really?" Gosh does sam even know Bella I doubt it.  "Sam, Bella takes the shortest showers ever so I have to be fast got it." I 'reminded' her "Oh yeah." We were going down to the kitchen when I got a text from Liam L-'Hey Alyssa check Bella's phone ASAP!!' A-'Wait why?' L-'Just do it and text me when u see it.' A-'Umm ok then.' Ok something is going on with Bella.   ******************************* 3 hours later   "Imma take a shower be right back." Bella finally said. Now is my chance, so i followed her upstairs and went into her room. Luckily she left her phone out, she is so dumb sometimes. Hmm let's see text messages, Lou-- wait it dosent say Louis it says boyfriend with like five hearts next to it. I texted Liam really fast saying I saw it and was kinda pissed. I was reading the messages when Bella yelled "WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL ALYSSA!!!!" Shiz nit got caught, I looked at her and smirk (what is up with me and smirking) anyways I ran down with the phone and Bella yelling Alyssa give it back. "BELLA AND LOUIS ARE A THING!!!" I screamed Everyone stopped and looked at me and then at Bella "THEY WHAT?!" The all said in unison "Yeah kinda." She said. Sam and Ciara were livid like you could see the steam come out of their ears oh goodness. They grabbed Bella and told us to get in the car so we did. They through Bella on us and started going to the guys flat. Shiz.
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