In Love

Sam, Ciara, Megan, Alyssa, and Bella all love one direction. They are at the mall when Megan bumps into Zayn Malik from one direction and they start to talk and Megan and her sisters end up staying at Zayns and Nialls flat when all the guys are there too so what'll happen will Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Harry fall for the girls or will they not even be able to stand them. Read it to find out


18. Oh crap

Megan's p.o.v

Sam is beyond pissed like it's scary, she couldn't even drive she was that pissed so Ciara had to drive.

"Bella what did you do?" I asked

"I didn't tell y'all about me and Lou." Just her saying his name she looked like she was about to float out of the car.

"Ok Bella you know what happened to Alyssa last time don't you?" I asked

"Yes yes Megan she couldn't leave the house for a whole week." Bella replied. Suddenly the car stopped. I looked up in the front and we were at the boys house. Crapola. The guys gave us some keys to get into there house so we unlocked the door and went in. Here it comes oh please sam go easy on him.

"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!!! GET YOUR SORRY LITTLE A** DOWN HERE NOW!!!" Sam screamed at the top of her lungs, well goodbye Louis. All the guys come running down and Niall stands in front of Sam.

"Sam love, what's wrong?"

"Ask Louis or maybe Liam." She calmed down when Niall came up to her. Liam explained what happened and the guys were in shock.

"Alyssa get them away here comes Louis." Sam instructed Alyssa.

"Ok guys into the kitchen. Ciara stay. Bella stay everyone else to the kitchen." Alyssa said and mushed us like we were huskies or something.


Louis' p.o.v

Crap what is going on? When I came down Alyssa was making everyone but Ciara and Bella go in the kitchen.

"Ciara you know what to do." Sam said, what is she talking about? I'm scared.

"Bella go talk to him but NO KISSING got it." Ciara said so Bella ran over and gave me a hug

"Babe what is going on?"

"Well i didn't tell the girls." My eyes got big "so when Sam found out she flipped cuz we are supposed to tell each other everything and I didn't tell them." She finished

"Bella are you nuts? Why didn't you tell-" I was cut off by Ciara saying to say goodbye. What?

"Bye Lou-boo." She said while in a hug

"Bye babe." I said more so questioney then statement wise. Bella went to the kitchen and Alyssa was holding Bella back.

"Ok let's get this started Louis. You ask Bella to be you girlfriend but you don't think you should tell slash ask us first?" Sam looked like she was gonna kill me.

"I really thought Bella was gonna tell you but I guess I'm not good enough for her to tell you guys about. I am very sorry Sam, Ciara, Alyssa, and Megan. I should've told you guys." I said and sam instantly lightened up.

"BELLA!" Ciara screamed "look what you did you didn't tell us which caused sam and I to flip out and then when Louis finds out he thinks he's not good enough for you. Really Bella you are going to make him feel like crap?" She said

"Louis of course you are good enough I just wanted to wait to tell them with you I'm sorry baby." Bella apologized. Sam looked like Peter Pan when he got kissed by Wendy what the hell?

"YES BELLA FINALLY APOLOGIZED FOR HER MISTAKE YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!" Damn that girl has some lungs in her. After all of that yelling it was probably 9 or 10 so we just had the girls stay here. When Bella got in the bed with me she turned to look at me and she was crying

"Babe why are you crying?"

"Because I caused this I got you all scared and now you probably hate me." She said and instead of saying anything I just kissed her

"Sweetie I would never hate you ever." She snuggled up real close to me and we both fell asleep.

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