In Love

Sam, Ciara, Megan, Alyssa, and Bella all love one direction. They are at the mall when Megan bumps into Zayn Malik from one direction and they start to talk and Megan and her sisters end up staying at Zayns and Nialls flat when all the guys are there too so what'll happen will Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Harry fall for the girls or will they not even be able to stand them. Read it to find out


3. Megan meets Zayn

Megan's P.O.V
Yesterday Zayn broke up with Jenna and Jenna made Bella cry so we all thought it would be good to have a sisters day out so we went to the mall and its not very far from our flat so we just walked. We hung out for about 10 mins then went our separate ways we said that we would meet at the food quart in a hour. Me being in love with with Starbucks I went there I got a peppermint mocha and sat down to drink it. When I was done I got up and started to leave when someone bumped into me and we both fell to the ground, the guy was on top of me and I was lying on the floor. When I fell I had closed my eyes after I hit the floor I opened my eyes and saw that Zayn Malik was on top of me "Umm." I said "Oh I'm so sorry." He said as he got up and helped me up. "I'm Zayn." He said shaking my hand. "I'm Megan and I know who you are you broke up with my ex-best friend yesterday." "Oh so your one of the five sisters." "Yeppers." "Wait what do you mean ex-best friend?" "Oh well Jenna came over after you broke up with her and asked if we could believe that you said that she was over protective and Bella said ya she kinda is and Jenna yelled at her then Bella stated to cry so that's what happened." "Oh I'm sorry." "It's not your fault." We got to talking and when I said I had to go Zayn asked if me and my sisters wanted to come over to his and Nialls flat and I said sure lets go get my sisters. When we got to he food quart I told Zayn that I was gonna go get something to eat. "I'll go with you." "Ok." Then we went to little nandos and ordered some food. When we got our food we turned around to see my sisters standing there like well what happened so I explained as me and Zayn ate our food. When we finished our food I asked "Hey uh do you guys want to go over to Zayns and niall's flat?" As soon as I said Niall I knew Sam was in but I do t know about the other three. "Well?" I asked "Sure ill go." Ciara said "Why not." Alyssa said "Yes it'll be fun." Bella said. As we were leaving I told Zayn that we walked to the mall because our flat isn't that far from the mall. "That's ok I have enough room." "Ok that's great." I said. We got in the car and Zayn was driving, I was in the passenger seat, Sam was in the back on the drivers sides, Bella and Alyssa were in the middle, and Ciara was on the passenger side, it took about 5 mins to get there. When we got there we walked inside to see 4 guys sitting on the couch watching sponge bob. "Guys I'm home and I have guests with me." Zayn said. They all hopped up an introduced themselves but we already knew who thery are. "Hi I'm Harry." "I'm Louis." "I'm Liam." "I'm Niall." They said. Then it was out turn "Hi I'm Megan." "Hey I'm Alyssa." "Hi! I'm Bella." "I'm Ciara." "Hello I'm Sam." We said. Then Harry started talking to Ciara. I think Louis was watching cause when Harry was about to kiss Ciara Louis yelled "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!" We all agreed and sat in a circle it was Louis, Bella, Zayn, me, Harry who looked really pissed off at Louis, Ciara, Liam, Alyssa, Niall, and the. Sam. Louis started us off "Niall truth or dare?" "Umm dare." "Ok I dare u to kiss Sam."
~I have like 5% left on my phone so I'm ending here and I ending on purpose. He might kiss her or she might say I have to agree to it so we will see~ Sam
P.S yes I'm the Sam and the other girls are my friends from gym including Jenna I was just mad at her so yea.
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